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Kaisha no Ojisan Kyou mo BL?

Kaisha no Ojisan Kyou mo BL? (Manga)

会社のおじさん 今日もBL? (Synonyms)


Middle-Aged Protagonist

Kakushigoto wa Natsu ni Hajimaru

Kakushigoto wa Natsu ni Hajimaru (Manga)

Our Secret Summer Romance (Synonyms), 隠し事は夏にはじまる (Synonyms)

A new transfer student arrives at a rural high school. His name is Minato Murasame, and he's from the city. Just one glance, and it's obvious he's kind of girly. Kandachi is assigned by the teacher to look after Murasame. He soon discovers that the new kid has a secret he can't share with anyone, and that it's not so different from his own... As Kandachi and Murasame open up to each other, the two of them begin to share a tender summer secret. A story of heartwarming secret love in the midst of turbulent adolescence.


Kamakiri (Manga)

Praying Mantis (Synonyms), カマキリ (Synonyms)

When he was young, Kouichi ("Usa") was taken in by his cousin Kaname's family. Usa extremely hates when others touch his neck... But what might be behind his strange behaviour?Also contains non-shounen ai oneshot "Under the Purple Shade"

Adoption Cousin/s Fetish/es Hidden Past Incest Mental Illness Near-Death Experience Past Plays a Big Role Stepsiblings Teenagers

Kamatte Kawaii Hito

Kamatte Kawaii Hito (Manga)

かまってかわいいひと (Synonyms)

In order to overcome his debilitating fear of cats, Natsumi Hayato goes to visit a cat cafe. But could his reaction to one of the staff he meets there be even more difficult to conquer than his phobia?Included in .

Animal Characteristics Bisexual Seme Cafe Cat/s Phobia/s Salaryman Straight Seme Stubborn Protagonist Tsundere Unexpected Feelings

Kamen Rider dj - I Thought About Your Happiness as Hard as I Could

Kamen Rider dj - I Thought About Your Happiness as Hard as I Could (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Yaguruma x Kageyama (Hopper Brothers)

Kamen Teacher

Kamen Teacher (Manga)

Masked Teacher (KYOUYAMA Atsuki) (Synonyms), 仮面ティーチャー (京山あつき) (Synonyms)

Murooka is an elementary school teacher who carries a secret: He likes little boys, and not in an othodox way! Because of this he must wear a "mask" to hide his motives. But what happens when a temporary teacher with the body of a school boy starts working at the same school? Will Murooka finally find love? And how will he deal with the beautiful female teacher who begins to fall for him? Not to mention when his first crush and uncle of his favorite student volunteers to help with the school play. Will Murooka ever find peace? Hilarity and general craziness ensue.

Childhood Friend/s Elementary School Mask/s Pederasty Pedophile Teacher-Teacher Relationship Unexpressed Feeling/s Unrequited Love

Kami-sama no Ude no Naka dj - Strauss wa Ichinensei

Kami-sama no Ude no Naka dj - Strauss wa Ichinensei (Doujinshi)

シュトラウスは一年生 (Synonyms)

Doujinshi about the dorm leader Strauss and his senpai, Ginger.

All-Boys School Boarding School Dormitory/ies Flashbacks Long-Haired Male Lead Rich Male Lead Serious/Studious Character/s Stolen Kiss

Kami-sama Onegai (MINAMI Q-ta)

Kami-sama Onegai (MINAMI Q-ta) (Manga)

Girl's Dream (Synonyms), Please God (Synonyms), Shoujo no Yume (Synonyms), Time After Time (Synonyms), かみさまお願い (Synonyms)

A composition of oneshots.;;;;;;;;;.Chiaki is a young woman whose life seems to alternate between her workplace, a hostess bar, and her good-for-nothing boyfriend. However, she dreams of more?and an oneshot that contains just cheap sex

Angst Collection of Stories Cunnilingus Death Exhibitionism God/s Group Intercourse Host/Hostess Incest Transgender Character/s

Kamigami no Namida

Kamigami no Namida (Manga)

Any God Tears (Synonyms), Tears of the Gods (HOSHINO Lily) (Synonyms), 神々の涙 (Synonyms)

The story about a feisty little mermaid boy and the guy who loves him.

Dead Parent/s Feminine Uke Fencing Merman/men Nobility

Kamikakushiryou Kitan

Kamikakushiryou Kitan (Manga)

Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan (Synonyms), Kamikakushi-ryou Kitan (Synonyms), 神隠し寮奇譚 (Synonyms)

[From Nakama]This concerns the strange dorm for employees who specialize in demon exorcisms, “Kamikakushi”. One of its tenants, Chiyaki, the moment he meets a new tenant, Jyanome, is given the ardent confession, “I’ve fallen for you.*heart*”, and it’s a huge inconvenience! Ghost incidents are his specialty. But this time his opponent is a little more complicated?! Here follows a bizarre tale of one man with an abundance of individuality, and his stream of difficult clients and their troubles!

Shinto Shrine/s Spirit/s Yandere

Kaminari Soda

Kaminari Soda (Manga)

Thunder Soda (Synonyms), かみなりソーダ (Synonyms), 苏打爱情汽水 (Synonyms)

All-Boys Dorm All-Boys School Buddhism Religion Smart Male Lead

Kamisama Gomenasai

Kamisama Gomenasai (Manga)

I'm Sorry, God (Synonyms), 神様ごめんなさい (Synonyms)


Angel/s Cohabitation Gay Protagonist Gay Seme

Kamitsuki Dragon no Sumika

Kamitsuki Dragon no Sumika (Manga)

Home of the Biting Dragon (Synonyms), Kamitsuki Doragon no Sumika (Synonyms), かみつきドラゴンの住処 (Synonyms)

Artist/s Boarding House Finding Love Again Flower/s Happy-Go-Lucky Protagonist Love Triangle/s Tattoo/s Web Comic

Kamiyome desu kedo!

Kamiyome desu kedo! (Manga)

神嫁♂ですけどっ!クロマメオトコの娘作品集 (Synonyms)



Kamui (Manga)

カムイ (Synonyms)

From Broccoli:Spirits known as kamui are thrown into chaos when the sacred spirit Okikurumi is taken from Atsuma's village, and the imbalance threatens to destroy Earth. Infused with the spirit of an ancient sword, Atsuma must leave his village to reclaim Okikurumi.He encounters NOA, an organization of youths who wield the power of the kamui, and who may hold the key to Okikurumi. Atsuma is recruited into NOA by Sumire, a young woman with an empty soul who yearns for a miracle. Atsuma and his new companions must work together to find Okikurumi before the world is destroyed.

A Change in Art Style Boys' Love as a Subplot Brother Complex Childhood Trauma God/s Orphan/s Out of Print in English Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Super Powers

Kanawanakatta koi no tsudzuki o

Kanawanakatta koi no tsudzuki o (Manga)

Restarting My Lost Love (Synonyms), 叶わなかった恋の続きを (Synonyms)

Maki is a small town boy who hides his sexual inclination for fear of rejection but the arrival of Shibukawa shakes his entire world.

Countryside First Love Gay Protagonist High School High School Student/s Insecurity Loner Protagonist Love Confession/s Reunion/s Salaryman

Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun

Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun (Manga)

Kanemochikun to Binboukun (Synonyms), Rich Boy and Poor Boy (Synonyms), Rich-boy and Poor-boy (Synonyms), นายยากไร้กับหนุ่มหน้าใสลูกเศรษฐี (Thai) (Synonyms), 金持ち君と貧乏君 (Synonyms)

Meiji Haruhito (Kanemochi-kun/the rich boy) just can't understand Misaki (Binbou-kun/the poor boy), but quickly falls for him anyway. However, Haruhito's love life is under threat. Not from a cute girl or ex-lover, but from his own grandfather. The boys' grandfathers knew each other when they were young and Haruhito's grandpa is delighted when he meets Misaki, who looks and acts like his late friend and (unrequited) love.

Flashbacks Grandfather/s Grandson/s Poor Male Lead Poor Protagonist Rich Grandparent Rich Male Lead Rich Protagonist Time Skip Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Kanjou Kansoku

Kanjou Kansoku (Manga)

感情観測 (Synonyms)


Brother Complex Dormitory/ies Older Seme Younger Uke Sleepwalking

Kanojo ga Suki na Mono wa Homo deatte Boku de wa nai

Kanojo ga Suki na Mono wa Homo deatte Boku de wa nai (Manga)

KanoHomo (Synonyms), A Fujoshi Accidentally Confesses To A Gay Man (Synonyms), Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru. (Synonyms), Kanojo ga Sukina Mono wa Homo de Atte Boku dewa Nai (Synonyms), KanojoHomo (Synonyms), She Likes Gays, Not Me (Synonyms), She Likes Homos, Not Me (Synonyms), What She Likes Are Homos and Not Me (Synonyms), 彼女が好きなものはホモであって僕ではない (Synonyms), 彼女ホモ (Synonyms), 腐女子、うっかりゲイに告る。 (Synonyms)

Jun Andou is a high school boy who spends his days hiding that he's homosexual.One day, Jun witnesses his classmate, Miura Sae, buying a BL book at a bookstore. That encounter forces their relationship towards a new direction―I want to like the opposite sex, even have my own child. I want to have my very own family. I desire to have that "ordinary" happiness.―The problem is, I can't get it up to women.

Attempted Suicide Based on a Novel Dark Ambience Fujoshi High School LGBT Scenes LGBT Themes Secret/s Social Stigma Unrequited Love

Kanojo no Jikan

Kanojo no Jikan (Manga)

彼女の時間 (Synonyms)