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Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope (Anime)

白い砂のアクアトープ (Japanese), Aquatope of White Sand (Synonyms)

Kukuru Misakino, an 18-year-old high school girl working in an aquarium, meets Fuuka Miyazawa, a former idol who lost her place in Tokyo and escaped. Fuuka will spend her days in the aquarium with her own thoughts in mind. However, the crisis of closing is approaching for the aquarium, as the girls explore their dreams and reality, loneliness and friends, bonds and conflicts.

Summer 2021

Love Live! Superstar!!

Love Live! Superstar!! (Anime)

ラブライブ!スーパースター!! (Japanese)

A new television anime series for the Love Live! franchise was announced by animation studio Sunrise on January 28, 2020. The tagline for the new anime reads, "Watashi wo Kanaeru Monogatari. Hello!!! Love Live!"

Summer 2021

Hebi no Seikatsu

Hebi no Seikatsu (Manga)

蛇のセイカツ (Synonyms)

1-3. Harumachi no,4-6. Hebi no Seikatsu7. Kotaeawase

Bar/s Cheating/Infidelity Dead Family Member/s Dead Lover/s In Love With One's Best Friend Love Triangle/s Male Pregnancy Omegaverse Rape Twin/s

Hebisawa Kacho no Emujo

Hebisawa Kacho no Emujo (Manga)

Hebisawa Kachou no M-Jou (Synonyms), Mr. Hebisawa's Mistress (Synonyms), 蛇沢課長のM嬢 (Synonyms)

ExplanationCan you beat me with this bouquet of roses? Director Makizawa, the boss of Mikiko, an ordinary OL, is a super elite person, but a big Masoschist. You can see Mimiko's life, full of sweat, tears, and guts, which has been certified as a master by Jenzawa. SM Love Rice, which is also called the highest masterpiece of Sukune Inugami, is the opening !!

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Masochistic Male Lead Office Lady Office Worker/s Sadistic Female Lead Workplace Romance

Hechimon ~Shigaraki Dougei Nikki~

Hechimon ~Shigaraki Dougei Nikki~ (Manga)

へちもん~信楽陶芸日記~ (Synonyms)


Foreigner/s Pottery

Hei no Naka no Biyoushitsu

Hei no Naka no Biyoushitsu (Manga)

Beauty Salon in Prison (Synonyms), Hei no Naka no Biyou Shitsu (Synonyms), Hei no Naka no Biyou-shitsu (Synonyms), The Depth of the Sky (Synonyms), 塀の中の美容室 (Synonyms)

Won the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards an Excellence Award in 2021.

Award-Winning Work Based on a Novel Beautician/s Hair Salon Hairstylist/s Journalist/s Multiple POVs Prison Prison Guard/s Prisoner/s

Hei Se Jing Xiang

Hei Se Jing Xiang (Manhua)

Black Mirror Image (Synonyms), Hēi Sè Jìng Xiàng (Synonyms), 黑色镜像 (Synonyms)


Heian Jinbutsu-den Abe no Seimei

Heian Jinbutsu-den Abe no Seimei (Manga)

Heian Character Biography Abe no Seimei (Synonyms), 平安人物伝 安倍晴明 (Synonyms)


Heian-kei Joshi! Musaraki-san!!

Heian-kei Joshi! Musaraki-san!! (Manga)

平安系女子!村崎さん!! (Synonyms)


Heibon Koukousei no Ore ga Game de wa Saikyou Guild no Guild Master nandesuga......

Heibon Koukousei no Ore ga Game de wa Saikyou Guild no Guild Master nandesuga...... (Manga)

平凡高校生の俺がゲームでは最強ギルドのギルドマスターなんですが…… (Synonyms)


Based on a Web Novel Dungeon/s Guild/s Magic VRMMORPG

Heibon Kurabu

Heibon Kurabu (Manga)

Heibon Club (Synonyms), Ordinary Club (Synonyms), 平凡倶楽部 (Synonyms)


Heidi (FUJITA Motoko)

Heidi (FUJITA Motoko) (Manga)

コミック版 ハイジ (Synonyms), ハイジ (藤田素子) (Synonyms)


Based on a Classic Based on a Novel Based on a Western Work Child Protagonist Country Girl Countryside Switzerland

Height Gap x Age Gap

Height Gap x Age Gap (Manga)

Shinchosa x Nenreisa (Synonyms), 身長差x年齢差 (Synonyms)

A short boy confesses to his crush and she says she'll date him if he can kiss her without going on his tippy-toes.

Height Difference Older Female Younger Male Short Male Lead


Heiquan (Manhua)

Black Dog (MO Tian Liang) (Synonyms), Black Hound (Synonyms), 黑犬 (Synonyms)

A tale about the life of the seventh Demon King in the past and present.

Animal Characteristics

Heisei Daikazoku

Heisei Daikazoku (Manga)

Heisei Large Family (Synonyms), 平成大家族 (Synonyms)


Heisei Mangaka Jitsuzai Monogatari: Ohayou Hideji-kun!

Heisei Mangaka Jitsuzai Monogatari: Ohayou Hideji-kun! (Manga)

Heisei Mangaka Jitsuzon Monogatari - Ohayô Hideji-kun! (Synonyms), Ohayou Hideji-kun! (Synonyms), 平成マンガ家実存物語 おはようひで次くん! (Synonyms)


Biography / Autobiography Comic Artist/s

Heisei Policemen!!

Heisei Policemen!! (Manga)

Hesei Policemen!! (Synonyms), へ~せいポリスメン!! (Synonyms)


Adapted to Web Anime

Heisei Yopparai Kenkyuujo

Heisei Yopparai Kenkyuujo (Manga)

Heisei Yopparai Kenkyujo (Synonyms), Vidas etílicas (Spanish) (Synonyms), 平成よっぱらい研究所 (Synonyms), 平成醉醺醺研究所 (Synonyms)

From ANN:Tomoko Ninomiya is a professional mangaka and the director of the "Institute of Investigation of Drunk People." She and her fellows are addicted to alcohol and want to study its effects on themselves, but they always drink too much and do nothing related to the study.

Comic Artist/s Drunk Office Lady

Heitarou ni Kowai Mono wa Nai

Heitarou ni Kowai Mono wa Nai (Manga)

Heitaro ni Kowaimono wa Nai (Synonyms), Heitarō ni Kowai Mono wa Nai (Synonyms), 平太郎に怖いものはない (Synonyms)

A summer story of Heitaro Inao, a young man with strong resistance to fear. Heitaro is 16 years old. He runs an okonomiyaki restaurant left by his parents who died early. From one summer day, various mysteries began to occur around Heitaro. The youkai who come every day and the people around them who start to change little by little. What is important that Heitaro, who does not reveal his emotions, finally realizes ... Based on "Ino Mononoke Roku."

Atypical Art Style Cooking Dead Parent/s Fearless Male Lead Restaurant Shop Owner/s Stoic Protagonist Web Comic Web Comic With Special Effects Youkai

Heiwa-teki danjon seikatsu.

Heiwa-teki danjon seikatsu. (Manga)

A Peaceful Dungeon Life (Synonyms), Heiwateki Dungeon Seikatsu (Synonyms), Peaceful dungeon life (Synonyms), 平和的ダンジョン生活。 (Synonyms)

Androgynous Female Lead Based on a Light Novel Dungeon Master Dungeon/s Isekai Kind Female Lead Lazy Female Lead Monster/s Reincarnated in Another World