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Puraore! Pride of Orange

Puraore! Pride of Orange (Anime)

プラオレ!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ (Japanese)

The story takes place in Nikko city, Tochigi Prefecture, where girls aim for the top of the world through ice hockey. Local junior high school student Manaka and her younger sister Ayaka, whom she forcibly invited, hit the gate of first-hand experience with ice hockey, held by the Nikko-based team Dream Monkeys. The two are joined by their childhood friends Kaoruko and Mami.

Fall 2021


Re-Main (Anime)

RE-MAIN(リメイン) (Japanese)

The story centers on Minato Kiyoumizu, a boy who quit playing water polo after an incident during the winter of his third year of junior high school. After entering high school, he makes a promise and decides to try water polo again and join the school's team with his friends. However, the new team will run into problems along the way.

Summer 2021

Kaikyou Eleven

Kaikyou Eleven (Manga)

海峡イレブン (Synonyms)



Kakenukerunara, Kienaidekure.

Kakenukerunara, Kienaidekure. (Manga)

Kakenukerunara Kienaidekure (Synonyms), 拳擊手之戀 (Synonyms), 駆け抜けるなら消えないでくれ (Synonyms)

1-3)Series of short stories revolving around the same boxing club4) a couple that only has sex when the uke is dressed as a girl and the uke's insecurities.5) a student passes by a shrine every day and the priest notices him too.6) the youngest of three brothers is a little too well liked by his siblings.7) a new worker at a motorcycle shop has to tolerate the bosses son.

Bondage Boxing Brother/s Buddhist Priest Character Who Bullies the One They Love Collection of Stories Cosplay Group Intercourse Incest Sex Toy/s

Kakero! Oozora

Kakero! Oozora (Manga)

駆けろ!大空 (Synonyms)




Kakesen (Manga)

賭専 (Synonyms)



Kakushidama Gan-san - Pro Yakyuu Scout Monogatari

Kakushidama Gan-san - Pro Yakyuu Scout Monogatari (Manga)

Kakushidama Gan-san (Synonyms), 隠し球ガンさん (Synonyms), 隠し球ガンさん ―プロ野球スカウト物語 (Synonyms)


Kakutou Museigen Kiyomusume Tarmy

Kakutou Museigen Kiyomusume Tarmy (Manga)

格闘無制限巨娘TARMY (Synonyms), 格闘無制限巨娘ターミー (Synonyms)


Kakutou Shinseiki Go Bout!

Kakutou Shinseiki Go Bout! (Manga)

Go Bout! (Synonyms), 格闘新世紀GO BOUT! (Synonyms)


Kakutou Shoujo Densetsu Harukanaru Ring

Kakutou Shoujo Densetsu Harukanaru Ring (Manga)

格闘少女伝説遥かなるリング (Synonyms)



Kakutou Taiyouden Gutch

Kakutou Taiyouden Gutch (Manga)

Kakutou Taiyouden Gachi (Synonyms), 格闘太陽伝ガチ (Synonyms)


Mixed Martial Arts

Kakutouou Monogatari Boy

Kakutouou Monogatari Boy (Manga)

格闘王物語ビュンBOY (Synonyms)


Kakutouou V

Kakutouou V (Manga)

格闘王V (Synonyms)




Kakyuusei (Manga)

A Lower-Grade Boy (Synonyms), Kakyuu-sei (Synonyms), Underclassman (Synonyms), 下級生 (Synonyms)

I showed my face in the athletics club of our junior high for the first time in three months after retiring. My reason is a cheeky junior named Hasshi. I was in love with him, I'm still in love with him. I wanted to take lessons with Hasshi, I wanted to continue club activities together, I wanted to be born a girl of the same age.... Even though I have to decide on a school as the exams approach, it is only Hasshi that I think about.

First Love Middle School Student/s Older Female Younger Male School Club/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Unrequited Love

Kaleido Star

Kaleido Star (Manga)

カレイドスター (Synonyms)

Sora, a young girl from Japan, comes to America in search of her dream. She wants, with all her heart, to be a member of the famous Kaleido Stage, a combination of musicals, acrobatics and magical effects. With the help of her friends, she struggles to make this dream come true.The chapter released by Humanist is not the official manga adaption of the anime, but a fanmade "cinemanga" made from screenshots of the anime.

Acrobat/s America Based on an Anime Celebrity/ies Circus Clowns Comedian/s Fight/s Happy-Go-Lucky Protagonist Ice Skating

Kaleido Star - Mirai no Tsubasa

Kaleido Star - Mirai no Tsubasa (Manga)

Kaleido Star - Wings of the Future (Synonyms), Kaleido Star : Les Ailes du Futur (french) (Synonyms), Kaleido Star Mirai No Tsubasa (Synonyms), Kaleido Star: Wings of the Future (Synonyms), カレイドスター 〜未来への翼〜 (Synonyms), カレイドスター ~未来の翼~ (Synonyms)

The story takes place fifteen years after the events of Kaleido Star, and it revolves around Sora's younger sister, Yume.Discontinued due to the magazine going out of print.

America Based on an Anime Celebrity/ies Circus Dream Job Rushed Ending / Axed Sister/s

Kaleido Star Comic Anthology

Kaleido Star Comic Anthology (Manga)

カレイドスター コミックアンソロジー (Synonyms)

Anthology of short stories by various mangaka focused around the animated TV series Kaleido Star.

4-koma/Yonkoma America Cheerful Female Lead Circus Comedic Undertone Gymnastics Hard-Working Protagonist Stage Magic Teenagers Training

Kamakura Cannon

Kamakura Cannon (Manga)

鎌倉キャノン (Synonyms)



Kamen Boxer

Kamen Boxer (Manga)

Masked Boxer (Synonyms), 仮面ボクサー (Synonyms)


Boxing Masked Character/s

Kamen Bowler

Kamen Bowler (Manga)

Masked Bowler (Synonyms), 仮面ボウラー (Synonyms)


Male Demographic with Female Lead Masked Character/s