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Nomad: Megalo Box 2

Nomad: Megalo Box 2 (Anime)

NOMAD メガロボクス2 (Japanese)

In the end, "Gearless" Joe was the one that reigned as the champion of Megalonia, a first ever megalobox tournament. Fans everywhere were mesmerized by the meteoric rise of Joe who sprung out from the deepest underground ring to the top in mere three months and without the use of gear. Seven years later, "Gearless" Joe was once again fighting in underground matches. Adorned with scars and once again donning his gear, but now known only as Nomad…

Spring 2021

Sayonara Watashi no Cramer

Sayonara Watashi no Cramer (Anime)

Good-bye, Cramer (English), さよなら私のクラマー (Japanese), Farewell, My Dear Cramer (Synonyms)

With no soccer accomplishments to speak of during the entirety of Sumire Suou's junior high school years, the young wing gets an odd offer. Suou's main rival, Midori Soshizaki, invites her to join up on the same team in high school, with a promise that she'll never let Suou "play alone." It's an earnest offer, but the question is whether Suou will take her up on it. Thus the curtain opens on a story that collects an enormous cast of individual soccer-playing personalities!

Spring 2021

Shakunetsu Kabaddi

Shakunetsu Kabaddi (Anime)

Burning Kabaddi (English), 灼熱カバディ (Japanese)

First-year high schooler Tatsuya Yoigoshi, the former ace of a junior high school soccer team who has come to dislike sports, receives an invitation to join the Kabaddi club. Initially mocking the idea of Kabaddi, he takes an interest after watching an intense competition akin to martial arts at a practice session.

Spring 2021


Bakuten!! (Anime)

バクテン!! (Japanese)

The story follows Shoutarou Futaba, a boy who's fascinated with men's rhythmic gymnastics and enrolled at the Ao High School to join the school's team. The story follows a team of unique seniors and Yoshiya Misato, a classmate who's famous in high school rhythmic gymnastics tournaments, who run together toward one goal.

Spring 2021

Tok, Tok

Tok, Tok (Manhwa)

Drip, Drip (Synonyms), Knock (Synonyms), Кап-кап (Synonyms), 톡,톡 (Synonyms)

Jae Hyeok, who lost hope in dreams due to a certain event, finds his life sparkling with light again as he spends time with one of the seniors at his school club.

21st Century Baseball Full Color High School Student/s Korea School Club/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straightforward Male Lead Tall Male Lead Web Comic

Tsuyokute Kakkoii Joshi wa Suki Desu ka?

Tsuyokute Kakkoii Joshi wa Suki Desu ka? (Manga)

Do you Like Strong and Cool Girls ? (Synonyms), Tsuyojoshi (Synonyms), 強くてカッコイイ女子は好きですか? (Synonyms)

In order to become a Strong and Cool girl, the highschool girl Mie Tsukasa joins a professional wrestling organization. Follow her intensive training every day together with her trainer, with the aim of becoming a pro-wrestler.

Female Fighter/s Muscular Female/s Strong Female Side Character Wrestling

Doctor Messiah

Doctor Messiah (Manga)

Dokutaa Meshia (Synonyms), Dr. Messiah (Synonyms), ドクターメシア (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Doctor/s Japanese Society Medical Reporter/s Tokyo


Dive!! (Manga)

Daibu (Synonyms), ダイブ!! (Synonyms)

Tomoki Sakai is a member of the MDC. The "Mizuki Diving Club" aka: MDC is not doing very well. Their sponsors are getting ready to pull their support, but they do give the team a ray of hope. They tell them that if the new coach Kayoko Asaki can make one member enter the Olympics, that they will not pull their support. Can they accomplish this feat within a year? or just "drown in their own sorrows"?

Based on a Novel Diving

Chrono Monochrome

Chrono Monochrome (Manga)

クロノ・モノクローム (Synonyms)

Inubuse Kuromu aspired to be King in Chess, he was so skilled he represented Japan in the World Youth Chess Championship at age 11. However, due to his loss to a mysterious, wolf-like player, he developed a condition where he can't sit in front of anyone?! Because of this condition, he stopped playing Chess and chose to solely focus on his studies until his fingers break. Three years since his loss, while desperately still holding onto his title as 'King' through internet Chess, he meets an incredibly strong opponent. This game…starts his tale to become King.

Chess Emotionally Weak Male Lead Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Smart Male Lead Time Travel Trauma Traumatic Past

Chou no Mau Hi

Chou no Mau Hi (Manga)

蝶の舞う日 (Synonyms)



Challenge-kun (Manga)

チャレンジくん (Synonyms)


Captain Tsubasa Pilot Chapter

Captain Tsubasa Pilot Chapter (Manga)

キャプテン翼 (Pilot Chapter) (Synonyms), 足球小将 (Pilot Chapter) (Synonyms), 足球小將 (Pilot Chapter) (Synonyms)

This was the root of everything, the debut work of Takahashi sensei, a nostalgic memory. The story of Genzo Wakabayashi and a boy named Tsubasa Taro.

Harta Cover Stories

Harta Cover Stories (Manga)

Cover Story (Synonyms), ハルタ カバー・ストーリー (Synonyms)

Cheerleader/s Highly Visual Narrative Male Demographic with Female Lead

Hikari no Densetsu

Hikari no Densetsu (Manga)

Cynthia ou le Rythme de la vie (French) (Synonyms), Legend of Hikari (Synonyms), 光の伝説 (Synonyms)

Athletic Protagonist Cheerful Female Lead Gymnastics High School Student/s Love Polygon Love Triangle/s Olympics Partially Adapted to Anime Rivalry School Club/s

Ichigeki Den

Ichigeki Den (Manga)

Cậu bé giỏi võ Tacaza (Synonyms), Gia đình võ thuật (Synonyms), Ichigekiden (Synonyms), 一撃伝 (Synonyms)


Kanmitsu Danshi

Kanmitsu Danshi (Manga)

Candy Boy (ENOMOTO Tsubaki) (Synonyms), 柑蜜男子 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Boxing Childhood Friend/s Debt-Motivated Prostitution Drunken Intercourse Karate Possessive Lover/s Prostitute/s Reversible Couple Rich Protagonist

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Manga)

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun (Synonyms), Cleanliness boy! Aoyama-kun (Synonyms), 洁癖男子青山! (Synonyms), 洁癖男子!青山君 (Synonyms), 潔癖男子!青山くん (Synonyms)

Aoyama is a handsome young soccer genius who's a Japan representative. His play style is "cleanliness." He doesn't tackle and doesn't head the ball. If he's doing a throw-in, he'll only do it if he's wearing gloves.

Adapted to Anime Clean Freak Cleaning Eccentric Male Lead Episodic Fan Club Fanboy/s Fangirl/s Handsome Male Lead High School Student/s


Kurokan (Manga)

Cross-Country (Synonyms), Off-Road Vehicle (Synonyms), クロカン (Synonyms)



Matsuri Special

Matsuri Special (Manga)

Cố lên Matsuri (Synonyms), まつりスペシャル (Synonyms), 마츠리스페셜 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Drama CD Debt/s Female Fighter/s Love Triangle/s Male Demographic with Female Lead Rivalry Secret Identity Strong Female Lead Transfer Student/s Wrestling

Nakimushi Koushien

Nakimushi Koushien (Manga)

Crybaby Koushien (Synonyms), 泣き虫甲子園 (Synonyms)

*Included in

Baseball Female Demographic with Male Author