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Kaiki Shinsatsu-shitsu

Kaiki Shinsatsu-shitsu (Manga)

怪奇診察室 (Synonyms)


Psychiatrist Spirit/s

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai (Manga)

Kaina (Synonyms), Kaina - Suruga-jou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), Kaina - Surugajou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), 腕~駿河城御前試合~ (Synonyms)

From MangaHelpers:This manga features violent stories of passion and swordsmanship, set in the Kan'ei era (1624-1643). It opens with a match between two damaged swordsmen. Irako is blind, and his opponent, Fujiki, is missing an arm. It has been decreed that their match will be fought with metal swords, instead of wooden, so one of these men will die. The story that led them to this final match, and gave them their handicaps, involves ambition, the selection of the heir for a dojo, and the passion of two women-- one the dojo master's daughter and the other his lover.

Amputee/s Assassin/s Based on a Novel Blood and Gore Body Horror Edo Period Episodic Masturbation Samurai Swordsman


Kaine (Manga)

Kaine - die to live no Endorphin (Synonyms), Kaine - Endorphines - Zwischen Liebe und Tod (German) (Synonyms), Tokei Jikakeno Orenji Bakudan (Synonyms), 戒音 (Synonyms), 戒音 dieとliveの脳内麻薬物質 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Best Friends Childhood Trauma Collection of Stories Crime/s Dead Family Member/s Music Band/s Split Personality Twin/s Wish/es

Kakashi-mura Hokazono Masaya Kyoufu Sakuhin-shuu

Kakashi-mura Hokazono Masaya Kyoufu Sakuhin-shuu (Manga)

Scarecrow Village Hokazono Masaya Horror Works (Synonyms), 案山子村 外薗昌也恐怖作品集 (Synonyms)


Kakumeika no Gogo

Kakumeika no Gogo (Manga)

A Revolutionist in the Afternoon (Synonyms), Takeyama's Life (Synonyms), День Революционера (Russian) (Synonyms), 革命家の午後 (Synonyms)

Another short story collection from Jirô Matsumoto.Contains 5 stories:- A Revolutionist in the Afternoon- A Revolutionist in the Afternoon 2 (not a sequel to the first one)- Desert Witch- Takeyama's Life- The Footmen Flee

Blood and Gore Collection of Stories Curse/s Rape Revolution Russia Suicide/s Treason Vampire/s War/s

Kakusei Shigansha

Kakusei Shigansha (Manga)

Awakened Dreamer (Synonyms), 覚醒志願者 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Blackmail Country Boy Countryside Inferiority Complex Mahjong Mute Character Rape Salaryman Unrequited Love

Kamakiri Onna

Kamakiri Onna (Manga)

Mantis Woman (Synonyms), カマキリ女 (Synonyms), 螳螂女 (Synonyms)

A collection of intense and violent stories. They are gory and crazy. The first is about a woman who has mantis-like arms and uses them to sever heads, and then in turn uses those heads for her own special purposes...

Blood and Gore Bullying Collection of Stories Episodic Ghost/s High School Student/s Monster/s Murder/s Obsessive Love Sudden Appearance

Kami no Warufuzake

Kami no Warufuzake (Manga)

Teimoto Kami no Warufuzake (Synonyms), 定本神の悪フザケ (Synonyms), 神の悪ふざけ (Synonyms)


Kami to Yobareta Kyuuketsuki

Kami to Yobareta Kyuuketsuki (Manga)

A Vampire Called "God" (Synonyms), 神とよばれた吸血鬼 (Synonyms), 被称为神的吸血鬼 (Synonyms)

Vlad is a vampire who lives in the mountains surrounding a certain town in Japan, and during his hundred years of residing there has come to be regarded as a god of the land. As he protects his territory and its residents, he has encounters with humans and youkai alike, and has made it his mission in life to grant as many of their wishes as possible.

Episodic Helpful Protagonist Immortality Loner Protagonist Long-Haired Male Lead Non-Human Protagonist Spirit/s Vampire/s Wish/es Youkai

Kami-sama mo Shiranai

Kami-sama mo Shiranai (Manga)

Kamisama mo Shiranai (Synonyms), 神サマも知らない (Synonyms)

Due to Yuto's sudden death, Eiji, his elder twin brother, who was merely a college sudent, was forced to substitute for the charismatic vocalist of a popular rock band. The guitarist, Toru, who loved Yuto, painfully watches Eiji, who resembles Yuto, while at the same time, Hikawa, who was Yuto's lover and also the producer of their band, tries to have sex with Eiji as he doesn't know the truth. And then...?

Dead Family Member/s Music Band/s Secret Identity Singer/s Substitute Lover Twin/s

Kami-sama ni Misutereta 20 Hiai

Kami-sama ni Misutereta 20 Hiai (Manga)

Kami-sama ni Misutereta 20 Hiai - Kankin Jiken no Yukue (Synonyms), The 20 Days Forsaken by God. The Result of the Confined Case (Synonyms), 神様に見捨てられた20日間 (Synonyms), 神様に見捨てられた20日間―監禁事件の行方 (Synonyms)

From :It was the night of Christmas Eve, when Haruka and Kyouichi were supposed to have spent their first night together. However, by coincidence, they became the witnesses to a convenience store robbery, and their future made a drastic change--…

Christmas Crime/s

Kami-sama no Iutoori

Kami-sama no Iutoori (Manga)

As God of Death Dictates (Synonyms), As the Death God Dictates (Synonyms), As the God of Death Dictates (Synonyms), Kamisama no Iutoori (Synonyms), Как велит Бог Смерти (Synonyms), 神様の言うとおり (Synonyms), 神的预言好准 (Synonyms)

From Dragon Voice Project:Ayumi is a 16-year-old who has a crush on her classmate, Musashi. One day, the God of Death appears before her, and announces that she has only one month left to live. There's no stopping the hourglass of fate! Life is short, girl, so love with all your might!

Accident/s Airhead/s Crush/es Crybaby Male Lead Death Jealousy Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Obsessive Love Shinigami

Kamigami no Asobi

Kamigami no Asobi (Manga)

Kamigami no Akugi (Synonyms), Забавы богов (Synonyms), 众神的恶作剧 (Synonyms), 神々の悪戯 (Synonyms)

Yui Kusanagi, is the daughter of a Shinto shrine. She discovers a mysterious sword, which transports her to a different world where she meets the Greek god Zeus. He invites her to attend a school in a separate world that he created. Zeus intends to teach the meaning of love to the various young divine beings who also attend the school, in an attempt to reverse the weakening bond between humans and the gods.Note: The 3rd volume is an ebook only.

Adapted to Anime Based on a Visual Novel Based on an Otome Game Emotionally Strong Female Lead God-Human Relationship God/s Graduation Reverse Harem School Boy/s Unorthodox Male Love Interest


Kamikaze (Manga)

Kami Kaze (Synonyms), Kami-Kaze (Synonyms), 神・風 (Synonyms), 神風 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Romantic Subplot

Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Chiru (Novel)

Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Chiru (Novel) (Novel)

Kamisu Reina (Novel) (Synonyms), Kamisu Reina Series (Synonyms), Kamisu Rena (Novel) (Synonyms), 神栖麗奈は此処にいる (Synonyms), 神栖麗奈は此処に散る (Synonyms)

She is my best friend – we hardly see each other, but she always tags along when I go home.She is my hateful nemesis – she slaughtered my family and she's going to pay for it.She is my fellow partner – together, we save the world from humanoid energies.She is my...What do she and her absurdly beautiful smile mean to you?The series consists of two volumes titled "Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Iru" (Kamisu Reina Is Here) and "Kamisu Reina wa Koko ni Chiru" (Kamisu Reina Disperses Here).

Interconnected Episodic Rape Victim/s Suicide/s

Kamoi Jihen

Kamoi Jihen (Manga)

Kamoi Incident (Synonyms), 神威事変 (Synonyms)



Kamui (Manga)

カムイ (Synonyms)

From Broccoli:Spirits known as kamui are thrown into chaos when the sacred spirit Okikurumi is taken from Atsuma's village, and the imbalance threatens to destroy Earth. Infused with the spirit of an ancient sword, Atsuma must leave his village to reclaim Okikurumi.He encounters NOA, an organization of youths who wield the power of the kamui, and who may hold the key to Okikurumi. Atsuma is recruited into NOA by Sumire, a young woman with an empty soul who yearns for a miracle. Atsuma and his new companions must work together to find Okikurumi before the world is destroyed.

A Change in Art Style Boys' Love as a Subplot Brother Complex Childhood Trauma God/s Orphan/s Out of Print in English Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Super Powers

Kamui Gaiden

Kamui Gaiden (Manga)

Legend of Kamui Continuation (Synonyms), More Legends of Kamui (Synonyms), カムイ外伝 (Synonyms)

A continuation of . The first few volumes were published in a Shounen magazine and the manga changed art style and direction when it switched to a Seinen publication. The violent and sexual explicit part of the narrative was the basis for the American adaptation by Eclipse Comics in the 1980s and it´s unedited Viz re-release in 1999.

17th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to Movie Animal Cruelty Anti-Social Protagonist Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Attempted Rape Bandit/s Gekiga


Kamunagara (Manga)

As Was Done in the Age of the Gods (Synonyms), Divine (Synonyms), Kamunagala (Synonyms), Kamunagara: Rebirth of the Demonslayer (Synonyms), カムナガラ (Synonyms)

Kugaya is a teenager who lives with his aunt, Sakuri.The kendo coach at his high school, Narugami, has been after him to join the kendo team; but when he meets the new girl, Takemi, his life takes a supernatural turn and he is thrust into an epic battle with the demonic "Intruders".Reincarnation... buried memories... the Holy Sword... "Himuka"... and the Clan of the Swordsmen... it's all too much for a high school student to bear!

Blood and Gore Classmate/s Dead Family Member/s Death of Loved One/s Demon/s Dream/s High School Student/s Kendo Monster/s Past Life/ves


Kana-san (Manga)

カナさん (Synonyms)


Cat/s Classmate/s Collection of Stories Dead Lover/s Dream/s Guitar Illness Music Band/s Tattoo Artist/s Tattoo/s