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Heaven Official's Blessing (Novel)

Heaven Official's Blessing (Novel) (Novel)

Heavenly Blessing (Novel) (Synonyms), La Bendicion Oficial Del Cielo (Novel) (Synonyms), TGCF (Novel) (Synonyms), Thiên Quan Tứ Phúc (Novel) (Synonyms), Tian Guan Ci Fu (Novel) (Synonyms), Tiān Guān Cì Fú (Novel) (Synonyms), 天官赐福 (Novel) (Synonyms)

Among the gods, there is a laughing stock of the three realms.He soared and became a god three times.The first time: he became the martial emperor’s most trusted, but was forced down into the mortal world as punishment for interfering with mortal affairs.The second time: he started fighting the martial emperor the moment he soared and was kicked out of the heavens, shattering records, and became the most short lived god ever.The third time: well, it’s this time…nothing will go wrong this time right? JK, he fell into debt of 8,880,000 merits the moment he stepped into the heavens…

Affectionate Seme Caring Protagonist Demon Lord/King Demon-God Relationship Devoted Love Interest/s Fake Identity Huge Cast of Characters Immortal Protagonist Immortal/s Inexperienced in Love

Hebi no Seikatsu

Hebi no Seikatsu (Manga)

蛇のセイカツ (Synonyms)

1-3. Harumachi no,4-6. Hebi no Seikatsu7. Kotaeawase

Bar/s Cheating/Infidelity Dead Family Member/s Dead Lover/s In Love With One's Best Friend Love Triangle/s Male Pregnancy Omegaverse Rape Twin/s

Hebi Onna Hajimemashita

Hebi Onna Hajimemashita (Manga)

ヘビ女はじめました (Synonyms)

A collection of bizarre horror-themed short stories originally published in

Body Horror Collection of Stories Dark Ambience Gender Transformation Japan Murder/s Odd Situation/s School Boy/s Suicide/s Surrealism

Heian Joururi Monogatari

Heian Joururi Monogatari (Manga)

平安情瑠璃物語 (Synonyms)

Takemiya's last BL work and quite different from the BL of the time. Also her most sex-filled work.

Hell Buster - Jigoku o Karu Mono

Hell Buster - Jigoku o Karu Mono (Manga)

Hell Buster (Synonyms), Hell Buster - Jigoku o Karu Sha (Synonyms), ヘルバスター (Synonyms)

After miraculously surviving an injury that brought him to the brink of death, police detective Reichi Imawai finds he is followed by an ominous, deathly presence. What’s more, that presence starts giving him orders…

Abortion Buddhism Death Hell Murder/s Oral Intercourse Police Officer/s Possession Rape Yakuza/s

Hello Baby

Hello Baby (Manga)

ハロー ベイビー (Synonyms)

A story of love, life, and betrayal.Set in a certain city, a would-be gangster wanting to be recognized takes on a dangerous offer, to kill a boss of a Yakuza.

Betrayal Cheating/Infidelity Gang/s Mafia Pregnancy Suicide/s

Hello Dosa

Hello Dosa (Manhwa)

헬로 도사 (Synonyms)

Hello again it is nice to meet you again in this life?"This is a story of a genius master and a girl he must keep.“

Full Color Webtoon

Help Top

Help Top (Manhwa)

헬프탑 (Synonyms)

The creepy neighbours are continuously watching my house. What is their goal?

21st Century Full Color South Korea Web Comic Webtoon

Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter (Manga)

Helter Skelter (Spanish) (Synonyms), ヘルター スケルター (Synonyms)

Through round after round of extensive plastic surgery and vigorous maintenance, Ririko has become the absolute manifestation of beauty, and becomes a wildly successful model, actress, and singer. However, soon, her body, unable to withstand the burdens of surgery, begins to crumble, and along with it so does her mind, as she plummets towards a frightening and inevitable end.Note: Won the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Grand Prize in 2004.

Award-Winning Work Cruel Female Lead Jealousy Model/s Plastic Surgery Popular Female Lead Selfish Protagonist Showbiz Sketchy Art Style Unfulfilled Dreams

Hengoku no Schwester

Hengoku no Schwester (Manga)

Le couvent des damnées (French) (Synonyms), 在地狱边缘呐喊 (Synonyms), 辺獄のシュヴェスタ (Synonyms)

"Iron Maiden" is an instrument of torture modelled after Mother Mary's form. The interior is full with long nails, and people who are enclosed in it would be pierced to death. But the "Iron Maiden" that exists nowadays is simply a counterfeit made by us based off of old tales. The "maiden" who possesses a gentle, loving face as well as a violent "body"... Did the "Iron Maiden" really exist in the past?

16th Century Christianity Europe Male Demographic with Female Lead Medieval Setting Murder/s Nun/s Smart Female Lead Strong Female Lead Young Female Lead

HERO - Marigold in 4 minutes before

HERO - Marigold in 4 minutes before (Manga)

HERO - 4-funkan no Mariigoorufo before (Synonyms), HERO~4分間のマリーゴールド before~ (Synonyms), Hiirou ~ 4-funkan no marīgourudo bifoa (Synonyms)

Hanamaki Mikoto who just became a lifesaving firefighter I was concerned about the firefighter, Kuju. A brave man, Sometimes I do my best to save my life. That's when Mikoto realizes she has the ability to see how people will die. The fate of Kuju is to die in a fire. That was the end of Kuju. Firefighter is a hero. Save people with their lives. But how heavy is a firefighter's life? Ask the lives of those who save lives A must-see friendship drama!

Adapted to JDrama Death of Loved One/s Fate Fire Firefighter/s Future Plays a Big Role Hard-Working Protagonist Special Ability/ies

Hero Has Returned

Hero Has Returned (Manhwa)

Yongsa-ga Dorawatda (Synonyms), 용사가 돌아왔다 (Synonyms)

Kim Min-soo, a hero who saved another world with the single thought of returning home.He saved the world, but couldn’t save himself, and decides to destroy the world.This story is about the last moments of the heroes, a cold reality with no happy ending.

Cruelty Death of Loved One/s Genocide Hero/es Isekai Mass Murder/s Massacre Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Murderer/s Psychopath/s

Hetalia dj - A Letter from a Certain Astronaut

Hetalia dj - A Letter from a Certain Astronaut (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - The letter from one astronaut (Synonyms), ある宇宙飛行士からの手紙 (Synonyms)

England receives a series of strange emails that seem to be come from outer space.Pairing: America X England

Hetalia dj - Arthur Kirkland no Ana

Hetalia dj - Arthur Kirkland no Ana (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

America x England

Hetalia dj - Ballet Mecanique

Hetalia dj - Ballet Mecanique (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Amerca x EnglandIn a dystopia born from political failure, America attempts to recreate someone he lost forever.

Hetalia dj - Computer City

Hetalia dj - Computer City (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

America's whereabouts are unknown after the spaceship he was in explodes. Years later he returns, but as England soon discovers, there's something strange about this new America.Pairing: America X England

Astronaut/s Humanoid/s Time Skip

Hetalia dj - Dolfin

Hetalia dj - Dolfin (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x Italy - Germany x Feliciano

Alternative Future Anthropomorphism Dead Friend/s Dead Love Interest Germany Italy Platonic Love Reincarnation

Hetalia dj - He Used to Be Vanya

Hetalia dj - He Used to Be Vanya (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Ivan entrusts America with the last piece of him.

Hetalia dj - Heart

Hetalia dj - Heart (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - Heart Hurt (Synonyms), Hetalia dj - Heart(/Hurt) (Synonyms), Hetalia dj - Heart/Hurt (Synonyms)

Estonia thinks Russia's completely batshit insane but Lithuania thinks there's something more to it. This one's pretty heavy.Pairings: Lithuania x Russia

Angst Hidden Past Rape

Hetalia dj - Konna Aishikata Shika Shiranainda

Hetalia dj - Konna Aishikata Shika Shiranainda (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Prussia x Germany