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Hoshi no Furu Sakyuu de

Hoshi no Furu Sakyuu de (Manga)

Bella and the Merciless Sheikh (Synonyms), Bella's Disgrace (Synonyms), 星の降る砂丘で (Synonyms)

Tamed by the sheikh!Sheikh Zafiq Al-Rashid is furious when his week of solitude is interrupted by Bella Balfour, lost in the desert! While his fierce honor demands he rescue her, the willful heiress is a little less grateful than he'd expected. Zafiq is tempted to leave the spoiled socialite wandering the wilderness...but where would be the challenge in that?He's powerful enough to tame the rebellious beauty. However, when they depart from the seclusion of the oasis, will Zafiq leave the memory of the fiery passion behind or announce to his kingdom that he is taking a queen?

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin Sheikh/s

Docchi ga Ue(seme)ka Shoubushiro

Docchi ga Ue(seme)ka Shoubushiro (Manga)

Battle for the Top Position! (Synonyms), どっちが上(攻)か勝負しろ! (Synonyms)

From :"You're the bottom!!" is what my best friend told me as he played with my nipples and touched me down there...! Wait! I'm the one who's getting played with here!? If this is going to end in us doing it, then I'LL be the one to show you!!

Bathroom Intercourse Childhood Friend/s Delinquent Uke Delinquent/s High School High School Student/s Horny Uke Love Hotel Sexual Harassment Short Uke

Dekiai Chuudoku

Dekiai Chuudoku (Manga)

Brother Junkie (Synonyms), 溺愛中毒 (Synonyms)


Collection of Stories Coworker/s Sadomasochism School Nurse-Student Relationship Stalker/s Stepsibling Love Stepsiblings Workplace Romance

Class Teni de Ore dake Haburareta node, Doukyuusei Harem Tsukuru Koto ni Shita

Class Teni de Ore dake Haburareta node, Doukyuusei Harem Tsukuru Koto ni Shita (Manga)

After being transported, I was singled out and rejected by my classmates so; I made them all part of my harem (Synonyms), Because I was excluded out of the class transfer, I decided make a classmate harem (Synonyms), Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate’s Lover (Synonyms), Class Ten'i de Ore dake Haburareta no de, Doukyuusei Harem Tsukuru Koto ni shita (Synonyms), Class Teni de Ore dake Haburaretara, Doukyuu Harem Tsukuru Koto ni Shita (Synonyms), Doukyuusei Netoru Koto ni shita (Synonyms), Upon Being Exiled From My Class I Decided To Make My Own Harem (Synonyms), クラス転移で俺だけハブられたので、同級生ハーレム作ることにした (Synonyms), 班级转生只有我被排挤在外所以,就决定开同级生后宫 (Synonyms)

When Kirishima Ran and his classmates were transported to another world they each received an ability. However the ability he received, [Sexual Lunatic], has caused nothing but trouble for him. His ability allows him to make any girl he comes in contact with his slave. Because of his ability, his classmates have shunned him and forced him to separate from them. With the fires of revenge burning inside his heart, Kirishima decides to overtake the class from the shadows. One by one he turns his classmates into slaves and fill his desires.

Big Breasts Borderline H Brainwashing Fetish/es Rape Sex Slave/s Sexually Active Protagonist Transported to Another World Villain Protagonist Young Male Lead

Byebye Liberty

Byebye Liberty (Manga)

Bye Bye Liberty (Synonyms), Bye-Bye Liberty (German) (Synonyms), ばいばいリバティー (Synonyms), 再见了自由身 (Synonyms), 拜拜!自由 (Synonyms)

Rina and Hibiki are neighbours who attend the same school and don’t get along.While pretending to be his girlfriend to chase off a stalker, Hibiki steals Rina’s first kiss. Rina is angry and Hibiki tells her that she should just fall in love with him.

Arrogant Male Lead Bickering Love Handsome Male Lead High School High School Student/s Inexperienced in Love Love Interests Who Don't Get Along Male Lead Falls in Love First Popular Male Lead Student-Student Relationship

Byakuya no Kuni no Ouji-sama

Byakuya no Kuni no Ouji-sama (Manga)

Captive Heart (Jean Innes) (Synonyms), 白夜の国の王子様 (Synonyms)


Bushidou Sixteen (OZAKI Akira)

Bushidou Sixteen (OZAKI Akira) (Manga)

Bushido Sixteen (OZAKI Akira) (Synonyms), 武士道シックスティーン (尾崎あきら) (Synonyms)

From :Kaori is a diligent student striving for complete victory and dominance in the art of kendo. Having endured pain driven exercises as a child and being witness to her brother's defeat in a tournament, she has put all her focus and effort into training herself to be the best. So naturally, being second nation-wide in the junior league doesn't sit well with her. And when Kaori is suddenly defeated by an opponent she can't render as either an amateur or a genius, she faces an obstacle that leaves her no choice but to cut it down mercilessly.

21st Century Based on a Novel Competition/s Competitive Protagonist Female Demographic with Male Author High School High School Student/s Japan Kendo Non-GL with Two Female Leads

Buraikan (ICHIKAWA Tomoshige)

Buraikan (ICHIKAWA Tomoshige) (Manga)

Burai-kan (Synonyms), 無頼漢 (市川智茂) (Synonyms)


Brave Saga 2

Brave Saga 2 (Manga)

ブレイブサーガ2 (Synonyms)


Brass Boy!

Brass Boy! (Manga)

Brass Boy (Synonyms), Bravo! (Synonyms), Bura Bo! (Synonyms), ブラボー! - Brass Boy (Synonyms), 暴走系吹奏楽列伝 ブラボー! Brass Boy (Synonyms)

Suguru Narumi was a perfectly normal high school student. One day, on the way home, he got into some trouble, but was saved by the very attractive Miwako Eguchi. Miwako is a music teacher from his high school and the person running the orchestra that consists entirely of girls. He fell in love with Miwako and ended up joining the orchestra. Suguru's crazy life begins now.

Beautiful Female Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Music Student-Teacher Relationship Teasing Character/s

BQ Cooking!

BQ Cooking! (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)



Boys in Heaven

Boys in Heaven (Manga)

和美クンのポップ・アップシリーズ2 (Synonyms)

4 stories in.1) YOUR PURE LIPS2) BOYS IN HEAVEN3) Piece of Heart4) 愛しのDaisy BOY (Itoshi no Daisy Boy) You should read "Otohime Connection" before reading this 4th story.

Bishounen Collection of Stories

Boy Meet Boy

Boy Meet Boy (Manga)

Boy Meets Boy (Nanoka) (Synonyms), ボーイ ミート ボーイ (Synonyms)


Bowling Good!!

Bowling Good!! (Manga)

BowlinGoood!! (Synonyms), ボウリングッド!! (Synonyms)



Bousou Danshi Douteikei

Bousou Danshi Douteikei (Manga)

Bousou Danshi Doutei Kei (Synonyms), Bousou Danshi Doutei-kei (Synonyms), 暴走男子 童貞系 (Synonyms)


Bourbon Ouchou

Bourbon Ouchou (Manga)

Rococo no Kanmuri (Synonyms), Rokoko no Kanmuri (Synonyms), Versailles no Cinderella (Synonyms), ロココの冠~ブルボン王朝シリーズ~ (Synonyms), ヴェルサイユのシンデレラ (Synonyms)

In the series:V.1 - V.2 -

18th Century France Royalty

Boukyou Senshi

Boukyou Senshi (Manga)

Tearful Soldier (Synonyms), 望郷戦士 (Synonyms)


Armed Combat Military Military Background Muscular Female/s Strong Female Side Character Warfare

Boukun ni Koi o Shite

Boukun ni Koi o Shite (Manga)

The Mediterranean Prince's Passion (Synonyms), The Royal House of Cacciatore #1 (Synonyms), 暴君に恋をして (Synonyms)

The Prince's mistress--by royal command!It was like a scene out of a movie! Who was this fit, handsome guy, who rescued Ella from a sticky situation and made incredible love to her all night?He was Nicolo, Prince of the Mediterranean island of Mardivino. But Ella was an ordinary girl and certain that she could only be Nicolo's princess for a day...until she found herself ordered to become his mistress--by royal command!

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin

Boukenkyou Jidai

Boukenkyou Jidai (Manga)

Age of Adventure (Synonyms), 冒険狂時代 (Synonyms)

Bougainvillea -Shouji Hiroyuki Tanpenshuu-

Bougainvillea -Shouji Hiroyuki Tanpenshuu- (Manga)

Buugenbiria -Shouji Hiroyuki Tanpenshuu- (Synonyms), ブーゲンビリア―小路啓之短編集― (Synonyms)


Collection of Stories