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Nichijou Sahanji no Musuko

Nichijou Sahanji no Musuko (Manga)

The Everyday Routine Son (Synonyms), 日常茶飯事の息子 (Synonyms)

A man moves to Tokyo and writes a letter to his parents describing his experience.

Nichijou Soup

Nichijou Soup (Manga)

Everyday Soup (Synonyms), 日常スープ (Synonyms)


Nigatsu no Eden

Nigatsu no Eden (Manga)

Eden in February (Synonyms), 二月のエデン (Synonyms)

An artist picks up a tattooed man off the streets. Though their relationship develops fruitfully, circumstances from the past conspire to tear them apart.

Angst Art Artist/s Childhood Trauma Fear of Abandonment Loneliness Lonely Protagonist Tattoo/s Winter Yakuza/s

Nigeta Tenshi

Nigeta Tenshi (Manga)

Expectant Mistress (Synonyms), 逃げた天使 (Synonyms)

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin Older Male Younger Female Pregnancy


NightS (Manga)

Emotion Spectrum (Synonyms), Kanjou Spectrum (Synonyms), NightS (YONEDA Kou) (Synonyms), Reply (Synonyms), ナイツ (Synonyms)

Age Gap Detective/s Drug Trafficking Identity Crisis Mafia Manly Gay Couple Mixed Blood Older Uke Younger Seme Secret Identity Strong Uke

Nii-san no Tomodachi

Nii-san no Tomodachi (Manga)

Elder Brother's Friend (Synonyms), เพื่อนพี่ที่รัก (Thai) (Synonyms), 兄さんの友達 (Synonyms), 哥哥的朋友 (Synonyms)

Things get awkward at home for Nozomu when his mother marries a new man. One day Nozomu meets his brother's friend from High School, Fujiyama. Fujiyama is not only handsome and good at cooking, but also very kind and doting.Fujiyama says to Nozomu "Would you go out with me? Let me take care of you" and Nozomu says yes.

Affectionate Seme Age Gap Brother Complex Brother/s Doting Lover/s Embarrassment Family Fellatio Friendship High School Student/s

Niwaka Reijou wa Outaishi Denka no Yatoware Kon'yakusha

Niwaka Reijou wa Outaishi Denka no Yatoware Kon'yakusha (Manga)

Niwaka Reijou wa Outaishi Denka no Yatoware Konyakusha (Synonyms), The Earl's Daughter Was Suddenly Employed as the Crown Prince's Fiancée (Synonyms), وظيفة إبنة الإيرل المفاجأة كخطيبة للبرنس (Synonyms), にわか令嬢は王太子殿下の雇われ婚約者 (Synonyms)

Attempted Rape Based on a Light Novel Based on a Novel Curse/s European Ambiance Fake Engagement Handsome Male Lead Nobility Poor Female Lead Prince/s

No Release Until Ecstasy Is Achieved

No Release Until Ecstasy Is Achieved (Manga)

Ecchi na Koto Shinaito Derarenai Yuri (Synonyms), えっちなことしないと出られない百合 (Synonyms)

From Renta!:I awoke to find myself in a secret chamber which I could only leave by obeying instructions. Then Liliya, the wild girl, began to...! The slightly perverse instructions quickly became very physical in nature! And what's with Liliya's behavior...? Perhaps this is how... I'll take the final step...! The two girls previously featured in "True Love That Starts With A Lie", Ai, the lecherous amateur, and Liliya, the girl who looks wild, are now following sensual orders. Just where will they lead...!?

Nobunaga Oda

Nobunaga Oda (Manga)

Edu-manga: Nobunaga Oda (Synonyms), 織田信長 (Synonyms)

Biography / Autobiography Edutainment Nobunaga or a Relative

Noroi no Series

Noroi no Series (Manga)

Deadline (Synonyms), Endless (SONE Masako) (Synonyms), Fukushuu no Kiba (Synonyms), Fushibito Densetsu (Synonyms), Kiri no Satsui (Synonyms), Manekarezaru Kyaku (Synonyms), Manekarezarukyaku (Synonyms), Minikui Onna (Synonyms), Rinne (Synonyms), Shisen (Synonyms), Shisha no Irai (Synonyms), Sousei no Wana (Synonyms), Yume no Sousou (Synonyms), 不死人伝説 (Synonyms), 双星のわな (Synonyms), 夢の葬送 (Synonyms), 復讐の牙 (Synonyms), 招かれざる客 (Synonyms), 死線-デッドライン- (Synonyms), 死者の依頼 (Synonyms), 輪廻-エンドレス- (Synonyms), 輪廻―エンドレス (Synonyms), 醜い女 (Synonyms), 霧の殺意 (Synonyms)

In the :1) 2) 3) 4) ()5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

Nukumori Dakishimete

Nukumori Dakishimete (Manga)

Embrace Me Warmly (Synonyms), ぬくもり抱きしめて (Synonyms)

I, Souko Fujimoto, like the advisor of the art club, Mr. Noda. He only calls me by a nickname... "Fuji-tsun"... Does that mean I'm special to him...? I got my hopes up, Mr. Noda. That's why I didn't want to hear that you call me Fuji-tsun because I'm "easy to talk to". I knew deep inside, but it still hurt It hurts, Mr. Noda... Six love stories packed with feelings of pure love. It's a collection of Iori Hanasaki's best works including an extra chapter as a bonus.

Oboreru Hitomi

Oboreru Hitomi (Manga)

Eyes Addicted to Love (Synonyms), 嗜爱之瞳 (Synonyms), 溺れる瞳 (Synonyms), 迷戀上你的雙眸 (Synonyms)

Bisexual Character/s Collection of Stories Male Prostitute Male Prostitution Prostitution Rings Salaryman Sexual Curiosity Straight Seme

Oedo Eko Kurashi

Oedo Eko Kurashi (Manga)

Ecology Life of Edo (Synonyms), お江戸えこ暮らし (Synonyms)


OL Shinkaron

OL Shinkaron (Manga)

Evolution of the OL (Synonyms), OL進化論 (Synonyms), Survival in the Office: The Evolution of Japanese Working Women (Synonyms)

A comedic chronicle of the everyday occurrances in a Japanese office building. It follows the exploits of the desk workers Jun, Minako, Reiko, and Hiromi.Note: Won the Tezuka Osamu Short story Award in 2004.

4-koma/Yonkoma Award-Winning Work Episodic Male Demographic with Female Lead Office Worker/s

Omae no Subete wo Daki Tsukusu

Omae no Subete wo Daki Tsukusu (Manga)

Embrace You - Married on the First Day (Synonyms), I'll embrace all of you ~Zero days dating, then suddenly marriage?!~ (Synonyms), I’ll embrace all of you - Zero days dating, then suddenly marriage?! - (Synonyms), お前のすべてを抱き尽くす (Synonyms), お前のすべてを抱き尽くす~交際0日、いきなり結婚!?~ (Synonyms), 将你的一切全部拥入怀中 (Synonyms)

Adult Female Lead Adult Protagonist Boss-Subordinate Relationship Broken Engagement Career Woman Cohabitation Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Marriage Office Lady Office Love

Omake no Kobayashi-kun

Omake no Kobayashi-kun (Manga)

Kobayashi 3+1 (Synonyms), Omake no Kobayashi kun (Synonyms), The Extra Kobayashi (Synonyms), おまけの小林クン (Synonyms), 制服美少年 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Drama CD Annoying Male Lead BL Subtext Bromance Cheerful Male Lead Childhood Trauma Crybaby Male Lead Feminine Male Lead Multiple Couples Secret Relationship

Omoide Emanon

Omoide Emanon (Manga)

Emanon's Memories (Synonyms), Memories of Emanon (Synonyms), Wspomnienia Emanon (Synonyms), Воспоминания Эманон (Synonyms), おもいでエマノン (Synonyms), 回憶愛瑪儂 (Synonyms)

The year is 1967, and a young Japanese man is thinking about the future. On one side of the water, the war is raging in Vietnam; far away on the other side, the Apollo Project has just met with disaster as three astronauts die in a capsule fire. And here and now, on a long nighttime ferry ride back home, he will meet and fall in love with a mysterious young woman who carries a past deeper and more profound than his dreams and fears of tomorrow. Her name, she jokes, is no name--Emanon...and she can never be forgotten, any more than she can forget...

20th Century Based on a Novel Evolution Legend/s Memories Mono no Aware Nature Subtle Romance Time Skip Travel

Onee Joou to Shirayuki Hime

Onee Joou to Shirayuki Hime (Manga)

Drag Queen & White Queen (Synonyms), Drag Queen and Snow White (Synonyms), Drag Queen to Snow White (Synonyms), Effeminate Prince & Snow White (Synonyms), オネェ女王と白雪姫 (Synonyms), 变装女王与白雪公主 (Synonyms)

Once upon a time, a beautiful prince (or queen?) asked his mirror: "Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?"At first, he is mesmerized by Snow White's image, BUT to his greatest displeasure, his face wasn't reflected in the mirror. Snow White needs to disappear!

Based on a Fairytale Beautiful Female Lead Eccentric Male Lead Effeminate Character/s Handsome Male Lead Innocent Female Lead Jealous Male Lead Kind Female Lead King/s Short-Tempered Male Lead

Oni to Majiwaru Oumagatoki Dame Nandomo Surikomanaide

Oni to Majiwaru Oumagatoki Dame Nandomo Surikomanaide (Manga)

Entwined at Twilight with a Demon -Again... And Again... He Can't Be Stopped!- (Synonyms), 鬼と交わる逢魔が時 ダメッ!何度も擦り込まないで… (Synonyms), 鬼と交わる逢魔が時~ダメッ!何度も擦り込まないで… (Synonyms)

Captive Death Demon Lover Entertainment Industry Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lecherous Male Lead Model/s Nudity Oni Resurrection

Onikiri Jyuzo

Onikiri Jyuzo (Manga)

Eye of the Dog Juuzou (Synonyms), Eye of the Dog, Jyuzo (Synonyms), JUZO, Demon Killer (Synonyms), 鬼斬り十蔵 (Synonyms)

From Izumo no Ryuu:After being sealed in a sword for 800 years, the master of all demons is released, and taking the body of a human to reek havoc on the world again. Jyuzo must now retrieve that body, which is that of his own brother, and stop the demon's schemes.

Animal Characteristics Demon Lord/King