Doushiyoumonai Renjou (Manga)

Doushiyoumonai Renjou
My Helpless Lovesick (English), どうしようもない恋情 (Japanese)
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『Doushiyoumonai Renjou』

📖 Synopsis

Outgoing Tsurugi and the shy Kiyou are the best of friends. As Kiyou’s attraction to his friend grows stronger, so does the pressure to be “normal”. Unable to come to terms with these feelings, Kiyou and his friends relationship arrives at a breaking point. Tsurugi disappears and Kiyou resumes his life as a “normal” … That is until one day with high school graduation just around the corner, Kiyou is shocked to find that his childhood friend has waltzed back into his life as if nothing ever happened…?

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