Kaiki Shinrei Katari (Manga)

Kaiki Shinrei Katari
Kaiki Shinrei Katari: Ueno Shogitai no Kaihen (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り 上野・彰義隊の怪編 (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り―埋蔵金発掘の怪奇編 (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り上野・彰義隊の怪奇編 (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り光と闇のシャーマン編 (Synonyms)
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『Kaiki Shinrei Katari』

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The first collection of true story psychic experiences of Nanami Kamon, who has been attracting attention in the reportage on ancient Japanese magic and feng shui. A TV program production company has requested cooperation in the excavation of buried treasure. Mr. JET made a complete comic of the mysterious psychic experience that Mr. Kamon and the staff experienced at the place where he participated.

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