Kaiyorihito Kaiyorishiki (Manga)

Kaiyorihito Kaiyorishiki
Из человеческой семьи (Synonyms), 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 (Synonyms), 隗凭异纹录 (Synonyms)
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『Kaiyorihito Kaiyorishiki』

📖 Synopsis

From Ochibichan:Aritsune is the head of the clan which wields the power of “Kaiyori”. As long as one can obtain the “Aya” which the clan head holds, no matter who, he will gain magnificent powers...He lives a normal school life with his trusted aide, Chika and his beloved sister, Akira. But, without noticing, and also due to the powers he wields, everything started changing... This series was cancelled due to copyright infringement.

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