Kakeochi Girl (Manga)

Kakeochi Girl
Kakeochi Gaaru (Synonyms), Run Away With Me, Girl (Synonyms), Беги со мной, девочка (Synonyms), かけおちガール (Synonyms), 私奔女孩 (Synonyms)

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Back in high school, Maki and Midori were in love, until graduation came and the two of them went their seperate ways. However, ten years later, Maki has a chance reunion with Midori - and finds that while her feelings haven't changed, Midori has.Print vols release dates:Vol. 1: June 11, 2021 (out)Vol. 2: Sep 13, 2021Vol. 3 (final): Dec 13, 2021All covers of print volumes will be new art.

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