Kakko Warui Hinata-kun (Manga)

Kakko Warui Hinata-kun
Hinata-kun (English), かっこ悪い日向くん (Japanese)
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『Kakko Warui Hinata-kun』

📖 Synopsis

Meet Hinata-kun, an attractive, straight-A student. There's nothing he loves more than being called "cool!"

That's why when Kagami, who's even taller and smarter than him, asks him out, he's at a complete loss as to what to do! No matter how many times he turns him down, Kagami refuses to give up, and after he holds a secret over Hinata, the two of them wind up stuck together to study! This love story follows the trials and tribulations of Kagami-kun, the tease, and a stubborn Hinata-kun as they study for their finals.

Other short stories include adolescent boys who have to share rooms in a school dorm, and more!

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