Kako no Anata, Mirai no Kimi (Manga)

Kako no Anata, Mirai no Kimi
過去のあなた、未来のきみ (Synonyms)
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『Kako no Anata, Mirai no Kimi』

📖 Synopsis

Sayako has been in a relationship with Naohiko for 10 years, but the passion of love faded since long and their couple starts to slowly crumble. But one day, Sayako finds in the street a stair that she never saw before. Taking it she comes back 10 years in the past, when Naohiko was still a teenager, in a world where her teen self doesn't exist.This is the start of a strange love-triangle between Sayako, Naohiko as an adult and Naohiko as a teenager.

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