Kakushigoto wa Natsu ni Hajimaru (Manga)

Kakushigoto wa Natsu ni Hajimaru
Our Secret Summer Romance (Synonyms), 隠し事は夏にはじまる (Synonyms)
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『Kakushigoto wa Natsu ni Hajimaru』

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A new transfer student arrives at a rural high school. His name is Minato Murasame, and he's from the city. Just one glance, and it's obvious he's kind of girly. Kandachi is assigned by the teacher to look after Murasame. He soon discovers that the new kid has a secret he can't share with anyone, and that it's not so different from his own... As Kandachi and Murasame open up to each other, the two of them begin to share a tender summer secret. A story of heartwarming secret love in the midst of turbulent adolescence.

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