Kakuu no Sono (Manga)

Kakuu no Sono
Dark Eyes (Synonyms), Kakuu no En (Synonyms), The Imaginary Garden (Synonyms), 架空の園 (Synonyms), 架空の園ー続・花盛りの庭ー (Synonyms), 架空庭院 (Synonyms)
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『Kakuu no Sono』

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After his mom's death, our protagonist strives for every bit of physical affection that his dad would show. Even as a toddler, his dad never held his hand or stroked his head.This story, although being published after, is set in the timeline prior to Hanazakari no Niwa.Also contains stories: - Flower of the Sky - Dark EyesAbout a young woman and the man who appears in her life during dangerous times.

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