Kamen no Meikyuu (Manga)

Kamen no Meikyuu
The Labyrinth of Mask (Synonyms), 仮面の迷宮 (Synonyms)
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『Kamen no Meikyuu』

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When I suddenly felt my sight and looked up, I was surprised that the sculptures fell, but I was so surprised that the sculptures exploded just before the crash. There is also a strong welcome. I'm the mistress' son For some reason I inherited all my father's legacy and decided to live with my wife's children as the head of this mansion, but well, there are many. One of the most troublesome ones is Yasuko Ayakuza, my aunt. And the brother-in-law of twins, Hiroshi Sae and Yu Sae, looking at the eyes with mixed murder. I feel like they have supernatural powers...!?

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