Kami, Mederu Kimi. Koi, Shiranu Watashi. (Manga)

Kami, Mederu Kimi. Koi, Shiranu Watashi.
ι«ͺ、愛でる君。恋、ηŸ₯らぬ私。 (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽKami, Mederu Kimi. Koi, Shiranu Watashi.』

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"I'm sure that the owner of such beautiful and well-cared for hair must be a wonderful person."Tamako is a person who is kind of bad at socialising. One day, she suddenly received a love confession from Nagi, a handsome hairstylist.While she felt perplexed by how different the world that Nagi lives in is compared to hers, she gradually became attracted by Nagi's character.Their number of dates increased and during their first time drinking out together, Tamako asked Nagi a certain question but?

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