Kami no Sumau Tokoro. (Manga)

Kami no Sumau Tokoro.
Kami no Sumau Tokoro (Synonyms), This Is Where God Lives (Synonyms), かみのすまうところ。 (Synonyms), 神明居住的家 (Synonyms)
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『Kami no Sumau Tokoro.』

📖 Synopsis

Welcome to the world of endless troubles that temple construction workers live in! Loveless and jobless, 24 yr old Kamio Mitsuki returns to his hometown. Even though he’s the grandson of the master carpenter, he’s afraid of heights! Though his talented younger brother Koujuurou ignores him, he works hard. It’s at this point that the god of a tree, Niki, appears, and Kamio falls in love with her…!

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