Kami-sama no Goyounin (Manga)

Kami-sama no Goyounin
Gods Warden (Synonyms), 神様の御用人 (Synonyms)
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『Kami-sama no Goyounin』

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Even God has a wish! A very popular series appeared in comics!! Yoshihiko Hagiwara lost his dream job because he gave up his dream baseball. One day, he was suddenly ordered to listen to God's wish, “It was the role of an servant-!? Nami Asaba's popular God Quest series is a comic by Yukimura of “Tamura Maro-san”. Mofumov's fox god, Gold, appeared in front of Yoshihiko, who was desperate. Yoshihiko and Kogane, who came to work together for some reason, are gods...

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