Kami-sama no Negaigoto (Manga)

Kami-sama no Negaigoto
God's Wish (Synonyms), Wish of God (Synonyms), 神様のねがいごと (Synonyms)
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『Kami-sama no Negaigoto』

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From Manga.club:Takahide, who lives in a boys dormitory and goes to an all-boys high school, is confessed to by his room-mate Yuuta. Trying to think of a way out of this awkward situation, Takahide goes out at dusk and encounters a strange man who hands him a lion-dog sculpture. From this strange coincidence, they start searching for the sculpture’s pair, and Takahide begins to understand the true nature of Yuuta’s feelings... A story of unrequited love toward a straight classmate that will pull at your heartstrings.

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