Kami-sama no Yokogao (Manga)

Kami-sama no Yokogao
God, Look Back at Me Please (Synonyms), Kamisama no Yokogao (Synonyms), 神様の横顔 (Synonyms)
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『Kami-sama no Yokogao』

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The Chidori Art School, where boys studying drama gathered in 1935. Keitaro Chidori, a boy who makes the hardest efforts than anyone, toward the dream of wanting to stand in the middle of the stage and to become a star, and a freshman who holds a secret, Mugizushi, who appeared before him. The story of fighting over "talent" now rings the opening bell. The latest work of Sakuyuki Yukizo, who portrays theater genius vs. talent! Is it possible for the effort to exceed the talent? Don't look away from the fight between the two.

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