Kami Sen. (Manga)

Kami Sen.
Kami Sen (Synonyms), Kamisen (Synonyms), かみせん。 (Synonyms), 泉神大人 (Synonyms), 狐狸神 (Synonyms), 裸神温泉乡 (Synonyms), 裸神溫泉鄉 (Synonyms), 카미센 (Synonyms)
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『Kami Sen.』

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From :Izumi Koutarou's family have lived in Izumi Hot Spring for generations. But the spring suddenly dried up a couple of years ago, resulting in a huge family debt. As they prepare to skip town to flee from debt collectors, the guardian deity of the house, Konoha-sama, appears. Konoha-sama, (who was supposed to be a really fearsome god), appears instead as a cute girl--wearing no clothes. What will happen to their family debt problem? And what is the power of Konoha-sama?

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