Kamikakushi (SAKAGUCHI Yoshiwo) (Manga)

Kamikakushi (SAKAGUCHI Yoshiwo)
Spirited Away (SAKAGUCHI Yoshiwo) (Synonyms), γ‚«γƒŸγ‚«γ‚―γ‚·γ€‚ (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽKamikakushi (SAKAGUCHI Yoshiwo)』

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From Manga.club:"I don't want a future where we can be equals, I just want a present where we can be together"We are now in the Edo period, where the rumor of five children being spirited away was spreading. One day, a young man came from 200 years in the future arrived with a time machine that was apparently made by someone from this era. If you have a chance to use a time machine, will you use it for your loved ones?

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