Kamikakushiryou Kitan (Manga)

Kamikakushiryou Kitan
Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan (Synonyms), Kamikakushi-ryou Kitan (Synonyms), 神隠し寮奇譚 (Synonyms)
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『Kamikakushiryou Kitan』

📖 Synopsis

[From Nakama]This concerns the strange dorm for employees who specialize in demon exorcisms, “Kamikakushi”. One of its tenants, Chiyaki, the moment he meets a new tenant, Jyanome, is given the ardent confession, “I’ve fallen for you.*heart*”, and it’s a huge inconvenience! Ghost incidents are his specialty. But this time his opponent is a little more complicated?! Here follows a bizarre tale of one man with an abundance of individuality, and his stream of difficult clients and their troubles!

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