Kamishiro Misuzu no Mabataki (Manga)

Kamishiro Misuzu no Mabataki
神代三鈴の瞬き (Synonyms)
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『Kamishiro Misuzu no Mabataki』

📖 Synopsis

A high school student, Inukai, had a heart for his friend, Misuzu Kamishiro, who had been separated when he was a child. One day, the Misuzu transfers to the Inukai class. With a nostalgia approaching Misuzu, Misuzu exclaims, "Don't bite me!" During the few years I didn't meet, Misuzu became "Saiko", an incompetent person who could hear the voice of the dead and understand. Appealing fantasy works by up-and-coming young artists!!

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