Kamitsuki (Manga)

God Moon (Synonyms), Kami Tsuki (Synonyms), Kami-Tsuki (Synonyms), Paper Moon (MAEDA Tomo) (Synonyms), Spirit Moon (Synonyms), カミツキ (Synonyms)

📖 Synopsis

A high school student, Yahiro, who can see "Kami-sama" who lives in things. Without telling anyone, I was happily living every day while secretly collecting cute kami. One day, after a suspicious classmate, I went to an off-limits gymnasium where I met an unidentified kami named "Janome". Janome says that his classmate is obsessed with kami, "Kami possession". Yao Yorozu Gakuen Kitan is made up of a kami who lives in things and a high school boy who collects kami.

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