Kamiwatashi - Kami-sama no Hashi Watashi (Manga)

Kamiwatashi - Kami-sama no Hashi Watashi
Kamiwatashi (Synonyms), かみわたし 神様の箸渡し (Synonyms), かみわたし~神様の箸渡し~ (Synonyms)
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『Kamiwatashi - Kami-sama no Hashi Watashi』

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Miyazaka Takeru was a troublemaker when he was young and was the type of kid who couldn't help himself from doing something when told not to do it. His parents told him of a legend that said you could go to a different world if you make a bridge in front of the temple. Takeru did so by making a little bridge to cross over to another dimension where he meets Takateruhime, the guardian of the shrine. Now, seven years later, he realizes that he can’t stop thinking about her and uses the bridge that he created again to see her.

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