Kamiya-kun to Kamiya-san (Manga)

Kamiya-kun to Kamiya-san
Kamiya and Kamiya (Synonyms), 神谷くんと神谷さん (Synonyms)
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『Kamiya-kun to Kamiya-san』

📖 Synopsis

There are two people with the last name “Kamiya” at school. One is Shintarou, the smartest kid in school, and the other is Ako, the dumbest kid in school. They’re polar opposites, but you know what they say… opposites attract! The Kamiya duo are the best of friends, but Ako wants their relationship to be something more. How will this be possible if everyone around them thinks they shouldn’t be friends!? Even the teachers expect Shintarou to associate with people more like himself! Will they ever be more than just friends!?

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