Kamui-Den Dai-2-bu (Manga)

Kamui-Den Dai-2-bu
Kamui-den Dainibu (Synonyms), The Legend Of Kamui, Part 2 (Synonyms), カムむ伝 η¬¬δΊŒιƒ¨ (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽKamui-Den Dai-2-bu』

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The rogue ninja Kamui is struggling to free himself from the iron fist of his own clan. As a ronin, he should not exist. In his flight from his clan he meets another ronin kunoichi named Sugaru. Sugaru, wanting only to live in peace, is very distrustful. Her paranoia is shown to be justified. The manga covers Kamui's struggle to leave his past behind and Sugaru's failure to do the same.

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