Kamuroba Mura e (Manga)

Kamuroba Mura e
Kamuroba Mura he (Synonyms), Kamurobamura-e (Synonyms), To Kamuroba Village (Synonyms), かむろば村へ (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽKamuroba Mura e』

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The weakest main character in all history, Takami is moving to Kamuroba Village. Gradually, Takami becomes captive to the village's marvels...? An expertly crafted slapstick comedy!Having an air that cannot be read, the useless man Takami. In his journey's destination, Kamuroba Village, is the obliging village leader with a morbid gait, the elder who is a self-proclaimed god, etc. What will become of this combination?Seeking a living far away from money, Takami traveled to Kamuroba Village. A self-sufficient life without electricity, gas, or cell phones, so it was thought, but...?

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