Kanashiki Aijin (Manga)

Kanashiki Aijin
A Scandalous Melody (Synonyms), 悲しき愛人 (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽKanashiki Aijin』

πŸ“– Synopsis

β€œIf you lose the bet, you'll become my lover.” Her former lover, Chase, now fueled by revenge, approaches Kate with a merciless game. Memories of her youth ten years ago are resurrected in her mind. Her powerful father was opposed to their relationship and, one regretful night, he used cruel, underhanded tactics to run Chase out of town. And now he's back. He's more handsome than ever and is wealthy enough to hold the town in the palm of his hand. He's here to take everything away from Kate. Hated by the man she's still in love with, what will become of her?

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