Kannou Kyoushi (Manga)

Kannou Kyoushi
Profe Sensual (Synonyms), The Sensual Teacher (Synonyms), 官能教師 (Synonyms)
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『Kannou Kyoushi』

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1. Kannou Kyoushi (官能教師); Mobile Flower 2011/10/5On that night it was hot. It was so hot that my body could melt away while he was sleeping. I ran back to my home. It was frustrating, but as I knew it, I'm just a child after all.A substitute teacher has come into Miwa's class. His name is Toma. She had met him three year ago on summer, and he was Miwa's first love. Since that day Miwa's heart seems disturbed...?2. Junketsu Shoujo (純潔少女); Mobile Flower Premium 2012/9/253. Kinbaku Shoujo (緊縛少女); Mobile Flower 2012/3/10

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