Kanojo ga Majo ni Kigaeru Toki (Manga)

Kanojo ga Majo ni Kigaeru Toki
彼女が魔女に着替える時 (Synonyms)
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『Kanojo ga Majo ni Kigaeru Toki』

📖 Synopsis

A dress only master tailors could create, an enchanted dress for witches: [Magic Dress] Fascinated by witches since childhood, Hino Soujiro came to Alstroemeria Academy to become a master tailor. With the apprentice witch Chloe, he devoted himself to making dresses. But contrary to his expectations, he couldn’t make a mark amidst the outstanding students. Soujiro grew impatient, but because of a one-off utterance from Chloe, he began thinking anew of the “reason I create dresses”. “It is a dress that carries forth my feelings.” The truth they both know is the link to the future.

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