Kanojo wa Aitsu no Osumitsuki (Manga)

Kanojo wa Aitsu no Osumitsuki
He believes her (Synonyms), I Believe in You (Synonyms), Kau Milikku (Synonyms), นายปากร้ายกับยัยจอมป่วน (Synonyms), カノジョはアイツのお墨つき (Synonyms), 写下我们的恋愛 (Synonyms), 寫下我們的戀愛 (Synonyms), 笔墨下的恋章 (Synonyms)
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『Kanojo wa Aitsu no Osumitsuki』

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From :"Who do you like?" "What are your dreams?" "What does the springtime of life means?"Yuuwa had fun everyday so she thought it was okay! but she got very busy with her club and her extra classes. She started thinking that it was very OK to be like that. And, she will start a club of "calligraphy" with her classmate, Arata, and the one she loves, Yuu. This is the beginning of her love story!

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