Kanojo wa Ningu Musume! (Manga)

Kanojo wa Ningu Musume!
かの女は忍具ムスメ! (Synonyms), 彼女は忍具ムスメ! (Synonyms), 忍具少女 (Synonyms)
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『Kanojo wa Ningu Musume!』

📖 Synopsis

Haruhito Kasuke was ordered by his mum to find an item in the storage house. Being a shopping-holic, Kasuke's mum had caused the storage house to become a dumping ground of unknown goods.Kasuke accidentally found an old ninja katana in the storage house, and the katana suddenly changes into the form of a kunoichi (female ninja)."I had waited a long time and I finally get to see you again.."

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