Kao ni Doro o Nuru (Manga)

Kao ni Doro o Nuru
Applying mud to the face (Synonyms), Kao ni Doro wo Nuru (Synonyms), 顔に泥を塗る (Synonyms)
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『Kao ni Doro o Nuru』

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"You should be as you are."Miku, a beginner in make-up, continues to be told this by her cohabiting boyfriend, Haru, even at the age of 25. My make-up skills haven't improved at all, but if I marry him and quit my job, I was wondering if that would be all right ... A boy who loves make-up appears in front of Miku. Miku was impressed by the beautiful makeup, but Hull's reaction was unbelievable. A life revival story that regains your life with makeup!

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