Kare ga Kekkon Suru Riyuu (Manga)

Kare ga Kekkon Suru Riyuu
Kare ga Kekkonsuru Riyuu (Synonyms), The Ramirez Bride (Synonyms), 彼が結婚する理由 (Synonyms), 彼が結婚する理由 ラミレス家の花嫁 I (Synonyms)
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『Kare ga Kekkon Suru Riyuu』

📖 Synopsis

Nick Ramirez built his massive wealth in a single generation and is dead set against marriage. He is an arrogant but handsome man who insists marriage is an act of folly that reduces one’s assets. Tess was determined to keep her relationship with Nick strictly professional, but she couldn’t resist the temptation and took just one bite of the forbidden fruit. Nick regretted the impulsive love affair and never made another personal approach… Now, months later, Nick has appeared again—has he found out about the secret Tess has been keeping from him?

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