Kare o Aisenai Riyuu (Manga)

Kare o Aisenai Riyuu
Alessandro's Prize (Synonyms), Kare wo Aisenai Riyuu (Synonyms), 彼を愛せない理由 (Synonyms)
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『Kare o Aisenai Riyuu』

📖 Synopsis

Lily, who was betrayed by her fiancé right before their wedding, takes her broken heart to Milan. She stays with her loving aunt and works as an Italian chef. She also reunites with her teenage crush, Alessandro, and all the bittersweet feelings for her first love come rushing back… Now he is one of the most successful businessmen in Italy. But despite her feelings for him, it is too painful for Lily to spend time with Alessandro while still reeling from her fiancé’s betrayal. Unless Alessandro can be the one to help heal her heart…

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