Kare to Kanojo no (Otaku)² (Manga)

Kare to Kanojo no (Otaku)²
Kare to Kanojo no (Otaku) Square (Synonyms), Kare to Kanojo no (Otaku)2 (Synonyms), Kare to Kanojo no Otaku Otaku (Synonyms), Kare to Kanojo Otaku Square (Synonyms), สูตรรักฉบับโอตาคุ (Synonyms), 他和她的(宅)2 (Synonyms), 他和她的(宅)^2 (Synonyms), 彼と彼女の(オタク)2 (Synonyms), 彼と彼女の(オタク)² (Synonyms)
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『Kare to Kanojo no (Otaku)²』

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From Mangahelpers:Keitarou is an otaku who typically wanders around closed up in his own world, avoiding people and blocking casual social contact with his headphones. He's really bad at dealing with people, almost to the point of being afraid of them. There's a cute girl he occasionally sees in the elevator, and, for all he knows, she might even share his interest in anime and manga, but he'll never really have a chance to get to know her if he can't work out how to even initiate conversation...[tethysdust]

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