Kare wa Do S Pet - Midara ni Shitsukete (Manga)

Kare wa Do S Pet - Midara ni Shitsukete
He's My Sadistic Pet (Synonyms), My Sadistic Pet: Discipline Me Improperly (Synonyms), 家有抖S寵物★淫亂地管教我吧 (Synonyms), 彼はドSぺット★淫らに躾けてッ (Synonyms), 彼はドSペット★淫らに躾けてッ (Synonyms)
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『Kare wa Do S Pet - Midara ni Shitsukete』

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"Just be quiet, master, and let your pet heal you!" Forced into erotic treatment by a pet boy, her inexperienced body is quickly pushed to the edge! After winning a lottery prize, Yuri goes to a pet shop to get a cute dog. But what she's sold is not a dog... but a 'pet boy!' And even though he seemed really nice in the store, once she takes him home, he transforms into a total sadist! And she loses her virginity right in her doorway!

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