Karera wa Yoru ka Ame no Naka (Manga)

Karera wa Yoru ka Ame no Naka
Ame nimo Mayowanai (Synonyms), Ame nimo Mayuwanai (Synonyms), Karerawa Yorukaame no Naka (Synonyms), Nachtregen (German) (Synonyms), 与你相遇在夜雨中 (Synonyms), 彼等は夜か雨の中 (Synonyms)
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『Karera wa Yoru ka Ame no Naka』

📖 Synopsis

6) (Even in the Rain, My Love Won’t be Lost)As Kenta Fukunaga lies bleeding in the rain, all he can think about is the past. In order to cover up the secret love he had for his best friend, Keisuke, he lied and claimed to be in love with Keisuke's girlfriend, Runa. As the years passed, a delicate peace exists between the three. But delicate things can be broken so easily...

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