Kareshi Janakute Oshi ga Ii! (Manga)

Kareshi Janakute Oshi ga Ii!
Its better than a boyfriend! (Synonyms), 彼氏じゃなくて推しがいい! (Synonyms), 有了我担还要什么男朋友! (Synonyms)
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『Kareshi Janakute Oshi ga Ii!』

📖 Synopsis

A student, Asa Nishiki, dedicates her youth to a character from a TV drama, Hajime Enomoto. However, the drama ended and six months have already passed, but she still feels empty. That's when she meets a man who is the spitting image of Enomoto and whose real identity, to her surprise, is that of Ren Yamaji, who was her classmate when they were in high school. Nishiki can't hide her joy at the fact that her favorite character exists, but the real him is bad for her heart!

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