Kashoku no Shiro (Manga)

Kashoku no Shiro
The White of a Flower Lamp (Synonyms), White of a Wedding Ceremony (Synonyms), 花烛之白 (Synonyms), 花燭の白 (Synonyms)
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『Kashoku no Shiro』

📖 Synopsis

A story of a vow between a pure bride and a demon, in a story "divided by life and death.""Flower candles" refers to the gorgeous lights that are lit during a wedding ceremony, and refers to a woman who has been engaged and turned around. Kiso, a newspaper reporter who pursues a mysterious strange disease that is spreading in the streets, is rescued by a girl who happens to encounter a strange demon. Kiso, who for some reason is strongly attracted to the girl, makes a fierce attack on her, but she was the "candle" that makes a contract with the demon...

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