Katakoi Triangle (Manga)

Katakoi Triangle
Secret Garden (AMANO Shinobu) (Synonyms), Unrequited Love Triangle (Synonyms), Unrequitted Love Triangle (Synonyms), الحديقة السرية (Synonyms), مثلث الحب الغير متبادل (Synonyms), 单恋的三角关系 (Synonyms), 片恋トライアングル (Synonyms)
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『Katakoi Triangle』

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From :Sekiya-san of the cultural library has an unrequited love for Yuuki-kun. The one who cares about Sekiya-san is the popular Kasai-kun, who is also Yuuki-kun's friend! And, what's this? Yuuki-kun is rooting for Kasai-kun?! It seems that everyone's feelings are one-sided... or are they?Extra: Secret Garden

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