Kotou no SEX Sabaibaru (Manga)

Kotou no SEX Sabaibaru
Erotic Survival On A Lonely Island (Synonyms), Kotou no SEX sabaibaru ♂ 4-ri no oni ni nerawa reta ana kara-ban (Synonyms), Kotou No Sex Survival (Synonyms), 孤島のSEXサバイバル♂4人の鬼に狙われた穴 カラー版 (Synonyms)
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『Kotou no SEX Sabaibaru』

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Kanata's in a job hunting. He applied to a company and got taken away to a solitary island! Shocking test was waiting for him; run away from four guys to get hired. If you got caught, you'll get raped. He tried to quit, but four men chased him for his ass! Stuck-up president, ex-spy secretary, love-poison maniac doctor, even strange foreigner got involved in this erotic tag!!

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