Mina-sama Etes-vous prets? (Manga)

Mina-sama Etes-vous prets?
Are You Ready for Everyone? (Synonyms), En garde ! (French) (Synonyms), Etes-vous prêt à tout le monde (Synonyms), Mina-sama Êtes-vous prêts? (Synonyms), Minna-sama Eto vu Pure? (Synonyms), みなさまエト・ヴ・プレ? (Synonyms)
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『Mina-sama Etes-vous prets?』

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Chika Kuwabara pretty much drifts through life with no purpose, her days spent at arcades or getting into petty fights. But one day, she witnesses someone practicing fencing in the school gymnasium. That glimpse begins to awaken something deep inside her!

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