Roronoa Zoro, Umi ni Chiru (Manga)

Roronoa Zoro, Umi ni Chiru
Zolo Overboard (English), γƒ­γƒ­γƒŽγ‚’γƒ»γ‚Ύγƒ­, 桷に散る (Japanese), Roronoa Zoro Falls Into the Sea (Synonyms), Zolo Overboard (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽRoronoa Zoro, Umi ni Chiru』

πŸ“– Synopsis

Upon encountering one another during the Krieg Pirates' siege on the Baratie, Roronoa Zoro entices Dracule Mihawk for a duel for the title of the world strongest swordsman, but is met with the reality of his abilities in comparison. After his defeat, Mihawk shows his respect for the young fighter and encourages him to get stronger for their next fight. One Piece Wiki)

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