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Kaikan Douchou Marionette - Synchronized Ecstasy

Kaikan Douchou Marionette - Synchronized Ecstasy (Manga)

快感同調マリオネット シンクロナイズド•エクスタシー (Synonyms)


Sculpting Sculptor/s

Kaikan Fortune

Kaikan Fortune (Manga)

Pleasure Fortune (Synonyms), Sensual Fortune (Synonyms), 快感フォーチュン (Synonyms), 激情塔罗牌 (Synonyms)

Bondage Character Who Bullies the One They Love Fortune Teller Group Intercourse Manipulative Lover Older Uke Younger Seme Reversible Couple Sadomasochism Seme-like Uke Sex Toy/s

Kaikan Drive - Shoshuseki no Ikemen Kyoukan ni...

Kaikan Drive - Shoshuseki no Ikemen Kyoukan ni... (Manga)

快感☆ドライブ~助手席のイケメン教官に…~ (Synonyms)


Kaikan Gohoushi Itashimasu

Kaikan Gohoushi Itashimasu (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)


Kaikan Honey Days

Kaikan Honey Days (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)


Kaikan Jingi

Kaikan Jingi (Manga)

Kaikan! Secret Love (Synonyms), 快感!シークレットLOVE (Synonyms), 快感・仁義 (Synonyms), 快感・仁義シリーズ (Synonyms), 快感仁義 (Synonyms)

Titles in the :1) Kaikan Jingi2) Kaikan! Secret Love

Kaikan Juliet

Kaikan Juliet (Manga)

快感・ジュリエット (Synonyms)


Aggressive Lover Bondage Office Lady Office Love Office Politics Office Worker/s Secret Relationship Weak-Willed Female Lead Workplace Intercourse Workplace Romance

Kaikan Keiyaku

Kaikan Keiyaku (Manga)

Kaikan Keiyaku ~ Shouhin Wa Midara Ni Nureta Watashi (Synonyms), Pleasure Contract - I'm A Naughty, Wet Product For Sale (Synonyms), 快感契約~商品は淫らに濡れた私~ (Synonyms)

Kaikan Kurabu

Kaikan Kurabu (Manga)

Kaikan Club (Synonyms), 快感クラブ (Synonyms)


Kaikan Loop

Kaikan Loop (Manga)

快感ループ (Synonyms)


21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Collection of Stories Japan Nudity Sex Addict/s

Kaikan Love Crazy

Kaikan Love Crazy (Manga)

快感ラブ・クレイジー (Synonyms)


Glasses-Wearing Male Lead

Kaikan Magical Love

Kaikan Magical Love (Manga)

Sensual Magical Love (Synonyms), 快感・マジカルLOVE (Synonyms)


Kaikan Massage

Kaikan Massage (Manga)

快感マッサージ (Synonyms)

1.) Kaikan massage (快感マッサージ) also in 2.) Oukami-kun to Akazukin-san (オオカミくんと赤頭巾さん)3.) Lion no honshou (ライオンの本性)4.) Kokou no boukun (孤高の暴君)5.) Papa wa tsurai yo (パパはつらいよ)

Animal Characteristics Businessman / Businesswoman Collection of Stories Massage Wolf Boy/s

Kaikan Men's Therapist

Kaikan Men's Therapist (Manga)

快感メンズセラピスト (Synonyms)


Kaikan Merry Go Round

Kaikan Merry Go Round (Manga)

快感メリーゴーランド (Synonyms)


Kaikan Metamorphose

Kaikan Metamorphose (Manga)

Metamorphose Sensation (Synonyms), 快感☆メタモルフォーゼ (Synonyms)


Kaikan Office

Kaikan Office (Manga)

Pleasure Office (Synonyms), 快感・オフィス (Synonyms)


Collection of Stories

Kaikan Onna no Karada ni Natta Ore

Kaikan Onna no Karada ni Natta Ore (Manga)

Hatsujo Loop - Kaikan Onna no Karada ni Natta Ore (Synonyms), Hatsujou Loop - Kaikan Onna no Karada ni Natta Ore (Synonyms), らぶチェンジ~快感・女の体になったオレ~ (Synonyms), 快感・女の体になったオレ (Synonyms), 発情ループ~快感・女の体になったオレ~ (Synonyms)


Big Breasts Female to Male Male to Female

Kaikan Onsen

Kaikan Onsen (Manga)

快感温泉 (Synonyms)


Kaikan Paranoia

Kaikan Paranoia (Manga)

快感パラノイア (Synonyms), 快感浪漫夏威夷 (Synonyms)