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Heaven Awakening Path

Heaven Awakening Path (Manhua)

Legend of Awakening (Synonyms), Road to Awakening (Synonyms), 天醒之路 (Synonyms)

An adaptation of Butterfly Blue's novel of the same name, Road to Awakening tells the tale of Lu Ping and Su Tang: a pair of children who escaped from a mysterious organization in a world of cultivation.Infusion, Sound, Qi, Pivot, Strength, Essence, and Excellence. These are the seven forces of the soul, and their use has produced countless powerful cultivators.

Heaven Guards

Heaven Guards (Manhua)

Guardianes del cielo (Synonyms), 逆天至尊,掌阅 (Synonyms)

"Those who hurt my relatives, kill! Whoever snatches my woman, kill! Dare to pretend to be in front of me? Kill! After the end of the world, Tan Yun finally remembered his identity-the moment I woke up, the whole world Will tremble under my feet!"

Chinese Ambient Reincarnation Revenge

Heaven Plan

Heaven Plan (Manhua)

天堂计划 (Synonyms)

After the nuclear war, Earth is currently being rebuilt. Jia Yi, a pretty boy from the slums, manages to obtain a ticket to the utopia known as "Elysium". After a wild night, he wakes up and it turns out that he had been turned into a dog?! On top of that, beside him, a girl with a scar on her face tells him the harsh reality of the world he is in...(Source: MangaDex)

Heaven's Shopping Service

Heaven's Shopping Service (Manhua)

Heaven Shop Agent (Synonyms), Shopping Agent in Heaven (Synonyms), 天界代购店 (Synonyms)

Wuzu is a cool college student who, unfortunately, lost his money at a shopping store. He suddenly finds himself transported into the heavens, where he meets people with powers. With the help of a fairy godfather, Wuzu opens a heavenly shop named "Tooting Go"!(Source: INKR Comics)

Heavenly Fate

Heavenly Fate (Manhua)

N/A (Synonyms)

Na Sochun, a great warrior who was framed for murdering his master, arrives at the capital city of Empire in search of the answer to clean his reputation and to fulfill the promise he made to the swordmaster who saved his life. He must return the jade figurine to Yeon Jinhee, a cold-blooded king who is physically blind but keener in every other way. Will Na Sochun ever find a way back into his former life and prove his innocence?

Heavenly God Mnemonic

Heavenly God Mnemonic (Manhua)

天神诀 (Synonyms), 천신결 (Synonyms), 천신결 [연재] (Synonyms)

A drop of blood from the demon god, destroyed ten thousand mountains and rivers. A roll of scripture, obliterated the cycle of the sun and moon. A collection of mnemonics, bury all the most highs. Yang Qing Xuan received his fated inheritance, and practiced the way of invincibility, and allowed him to run through innumerable geniuses, and open up an everlasting path of becoming the strongest!"I have always win people over by virtue, and those that didn't are all dead!"(Source: MangaDex)

Heguang Zhiyuan Huikuai

Heguang Zhiyuan Huikuai (Manhua)

He Guang Volunteering Committee (Synonyms), 和光志愿会 (Synonyms)


Hei Hua Wangye Chao Nan Hong

Hei Hua Wangye Chao Nan Hong (Manhua)

Hēi Huà Wángyé Chāo Nán Hōng (Synonyms), The Dark King Is so Hard to Coax (Synonyms), The Dark Prince Is Hard to Please (Synonyms), 黑化王爷超难哄 (Synonyms)

Since novelist Qiao Xiaoqi changed the ending to her novel, she was cursed to isekai into her own story as the female lead who gets killed by the male lead! When the personality of the male lead, Jun Mojue, grows more and more twisted due to constant persecution, Qiao Xiaoqi tries to stop him from going down this dark path. At first, she just wanted to decrease his darkness percentage so she could go home, but soon she started to have real feelings…

Isekai Reincarnated in a Book World Transmigration

Hei Bai Pei

Hei Bai Pei (Manhua)

黑白佩 (Synonyms)

He is the messenger of hell, in charge of guiding souls to their life cycle so that they can reincarnate again. 500 years of pure loneliness have made him forget the feeling of loving someone, and only seeks revenge for the one who betrayed him, but due to certain circumstances of destiny he will meet an exorcist witch named Xiao Pei, will she be the one who can return that feeling of love once again?(translation from: My life fansub)

Hei Jin Li

Hei Jin Li (Manhua)

Black Koi (Synonyms), Hēi Jǐn Lǐ (Synonyms), 黑锦鲤 (Synonyms)


Hei Liang

Hei Liang (Manhua)

Black Goodness (Synonyms), Dark and Light (Synonyms), Hēi Liáng (Synonyms), Kurara (Synonyms), 黑良 (Synonyms)


Hei Mao (Aiya Animation)

Hei Mao (Aiya Animation) (Manhua)

Black Cat (Aiya Animation) (Synonyms), Hēi Māo (Aiya Animation) (Synonyms), 黑猫 (艾吖动漫) (Synonyms)

Hei San

Hei San (Manhua)

Black Umbrella (Synonyms), Hēi Sǎn (Synonyms), 黑伞 (Synonyms)


Hei Se Jing Xiang

Hei Se Jing Xiang (Manhua)

Black Mirror Image (Synonyms), Hēi Sè Jìng Xiàng (Synonyms), 黑色镜像 (Synonyms)


Hei Xia

Hei Xia (Manhua)

Black Mask (LI Chi-Tak) (Synonyms), The Legend of Hei Xia (Synonyms), 黑侠 (Synonyms)


Heibai Quanshu

Heibai Quanshu (Manhua)

Hēibái Quánshū (Synonyms), Unabridged Book of Black and White (Synonyms), 黑白全书 (Synonyms)



Heiquan (Manhua)

Black Dog (MO Tian Liang) (Synonyms), Black Hound (Synonyms), 黑犬 (Synonyms)

A tale about the life of the seventh Demon King in the past and present.

Animal Characteristics

Heise Qingdaofu

Heise Qingdaofu (Manhua)

Black Scavenger (Synonyms), Hēisè Qīngdàofū (Synonyms), 黑色清道夫 (Synonyms)

The seeds born of twisted desire take root deep in the heart, feeding on emotions and expanding non-stop. When all of life is sucked away, the seed receives the key to the world and the black monster is born quietly. They are called "evils".In order to liberate the souls bound by "evils", a group of resolutely determined people, with the strength of the will from the world, become the light to illuminate the world at the cost of their own life.

Heiye Shouzha

Heiye Shouzha (Manhua)

Hēiyè Shǒuzhá (Synonyms), The Dark Night Journal (Synonyms), 黑夜手札 (Synonyms)

This sets in a Victorian world era where sentinels and guides belongs. People began to enjoy the glory of "the sun never sets" created by their ancestors. Endless enjoyment is the exquisite glory before the building collapsed, but evil is spreading in this city. "Red dancing shoes collector", "beautiful young hunter", "angel of death and baby hunter" … How should Lance, who was forced to get involved in these evil events, fight with these murderous spirits?

Hell's Developer

Hell's Developer (Manhua)

Developer Of The Netherworld (Synonyms), The Underworld’s Broker (Synonyms), 地府开发商 (Synonyms)

Yao Bing meets his girlfriend getting a room with someone else at the hotel where he is doing a part-time job! In order to get his girlfriend back, Yao Bing begins his revenge through the development of the Netherworld. He subdues ghosts as his followers, conquers beautiful girls, and has even discovered a conspiracy on his girlfriend along the way. You used to be lofty, but now you have to bow to me!

Abuse of Power Attempted Extortion Bullied Male Lead Bullied Protagonist Bullying Cheating Girlfriend Cheating/Infidelity Exorcism Extortion Full Color