Kamen ni Kakusa Retaai (Manhua)

Kamen ni Kakusa Retaai
Love Hidden in the Mask (Synonyms), Masked Love (WUSE) (Synonyms), Prisoner Of True Love (Synonyms), 仮面に隠された愛 (Synonyms), 纯爱指令 (Synonyms)
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『Kamen ni Kakusa Retaai』

📖 Synopsis

A mysterious castle, and a Young Master with a mask on his face… Was Tong Qiange bought because of love, or another special reason? He doted on her, yet she shot him for freedom… In order to investigate on the cause of her mother's death, she returned home and encountered Xing Liexiao, a bossy man that came into her heart. Why did everything about him remind her of Young Master? The dragon-pattern ring that everyone was looking for, and the cute baby that came out of nowhere… It seemed that everything was cosmically predestined…

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