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Heaven (Onion)

Heaven (Onion) (Manhwa)

天国(Heaven) (Synonyms), 헤븐 (Heaven) (Synonyms)

It all started with a choice to get out of debt and just like that, I became the king of the night.

21st Century Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Big Breasts Borderline H Cunnilingus Debt/s Fellatio Forced Prostitution Young Male Lead

Heaven at The End of 4th Floor

Heaven at The End of 4th Floor (Manhwa)

4층복도끝천국 (Synonyms), 盡頭的天國 (Synonyms)

A ghost cannot move to their afterlife if they're holding a grudge in this world. While trying to find out why she's still stuck at her high school, ghost girl Yoon longs to have a living friend. One day, a handsome boy named Sean visits her in the utility room, and he willingly becomes her friend. They soon become best of friends, but Yoon finds out that Sean is suspiciously involved in her death.

Full Color Ghost/s Regret Web Comic Webtoon

Heaven Above Heaven

Heaven Above Heaven (Manhwa)

천외천 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Ancient prophecy foretold of a baby that would be the catalyst for the Apocalypse. At the anointed time, nine Grand Masters of Martial Arts raced to a remote mountaintop to prevent the terrible prophecy from being fulfilled. Seventeen years later, a young boy with a knack for trouble, a lust for ladies, and a wicked fighting technique has crossed paths with the child of the apocalypse, and he's in for more kung fu action than he can handle!


Heaven's Cats

Heaven's Cats (Manhwa)

천국의 고양이들 (Synonyms), 천국의고양이들 (Synonyms)



Heesu in Class 2

Heesu in Class 2 (Manhwa)

2-ban Lee Hee-Su (Synonyms), 2班李喜舒 (Synonyms), 2組の丹羽くん (Synonyms), 2반 이희수 (Synonyms), 震惊!隔壁冰山说他喜欢我 (Synonyms)

Big Family Childhood Friend/s Friendship Growing Love LGBT Parent/s Neighbor/s Realistic Characters School Slow Romance Unexpected Feelings

Heim's Study

Heim's Study (Manhwa)

하임의 서재 (Synonyms)

The Aether Grand Library, also called the Holy Land of Books. There, the journey to find the prophecy that foretells the end of the world begins..Who is the master of fate?

Hell Blade

Hell Blade (Manhwa)

Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade (Synonyms), 地狱刀锋 (Synonyms), 헬블레이드 (Synonyms)

London, 1888 A.D. The entire city is consumed by fear of a serial killer known only as Jack the Ripper. He mutilates female prostitutes with extreme brutality. However, his victims hide a terrifying secret and Jack’s destiny is to continue hunting them down.

19th Century England Jack the Ripper or a Related Character Police Officer/s Prostitute/s Serial Killer/s Victorian Era

Hello Again!

Hello Again! (Manhwa)

HELLO AGAIN!(헬로 어게인!) (Synonyms), 헬로 어게인! (Synonyms)

Ever since he was young, HeeMin has always liked his neighbour, SeonWoo hyung. HeeMin had given up on SeonWoo after he had moved away. However, coincidentally, SeonWoo is searching for a roommate and HeeMin is able to meet him once again. But, the love rival that has appeared in front of HeeMin now is none other than his older brother, YooMin!

Age Gap Childhood Love Cohabitation College Immature Protagonist Misunderstanding/s Mutual Pining Reunion/s Tutor/s Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Hello Choco Mousse

Hello Choco Mousse (Manhwa)

헬로우 초코무스 (Synonyms)

A love story between an old gambler and a young patissier.

Hello Dosa

Hello Dosa (Manhwa)

헬로 도사 (Synonyms)

Hello again it is nice to meet you again in this life?"This is a story of a genius master and a girl he must keep.“

Full Color Webtoon

Hello Komang

Hello Komang (Manhwa)

헬로우 꼬망 (Synonyms)


Hello Mister Teddy

Hello Mister Teddy (Manhwa)

Hello Mr Teddy (Synonyms), 헬로 미스터 테디 (Synonyms)

From :The ruler of the underworld whose appearance is fiercer than a black bear, who has a secretive and cute hobby?!

21st Century Appearance Different from Personality Bear/s Full Color Gang/s South Korea stuffed animal Web Comic Webtoon

Hello Little Ghost

Hello Little Ghost (Manhwa)

Little Hello Ghost (Synonyms), 리틀 헬로우고스트 (Synonyms)

Sangman is a lonely little boy. To make him happy, 3 guardian ghosts come down, from the Phantom Island, to help him. Will they be able to fulfill the mission to make Sangman happy?from Spottoon

Hello Vry

Hello Vry (Manhwa)

Hello Bree (Synonyms), Hello, Vry (Synonyms), Hello, 브리 (Synonyms), 헬로 브리 (Synonyms)

From Tapas: When a world-weary bartender saves a wooden cat doll from the rain one fateful night, he gets more than he ever bargained for...the cat talks and serves a little boy with lavender hair and monstrously sharp teeth. Say hello to Vry.

Bartender/s Cat/s Talking Animals Vampire/s

Hello Zombie Girl

Hello Zombie Girl (Manhwa)

헬로! 좀비 걸 (Synonyms), 헬로! 좀비걸 (Synonyms), 헬로좀비걸 (Synonyms)

Daily life of Maru Jeong and his friend, who take care of a zombie-looking robot girl sent by Maru's grandfather for 300m Won.

Android/s Artificial Intelligence Bad Art Emotionless Character/s Modern Era South Korea Web Comic Webtoon

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye (Manhwa)

안녕안녕해 (Synonyms)

During fall that year, these are the days after I let you go.

Hello, I'm Simba

Hello, I'm Simba (Manhwa)

Hello! My Name Is Sebastian (Synonyms), 嗨!我是新巴斯 (Synonyms), 안녕하세요? 세바스찬입니다 (Synonyms), 안녕하세요?세바스찬입니다 (Synonyms)

About vampire who loves tomatoes and his servant crow, Simba.

Bat/s Bishounen Castle Count/Countess Master-Servant Relationship Princess/es Vampire/s Vegetarian Witch/es

Hello, Mom

Hello, Mom (Manhwa)

Bye and Hello, Mom (Synonyms), Goodbye, Mom (Synonyms), Hi, Mom (Synonyms), 안녕, 엄마 (Synonyms)

A parting with one mom and a meeting with another. Our close and distant parting story.

Full Color Ghost/s Mother and Daughter Web Comic Webtoon

Hello, Summer

Hello, Summer (Manhwa)

안녕, 여름아 (Synonyms)

He climbed onto a tree to avoid the teacher and saw a strange girl on top of the tree full of white beautiful petals.The summer sun shined as bright as the white flowers on the strange Han Yeoreum (summer).He endlessly searches for the storage room filled with memories of her.


Hellper 2 - Killberos

Hellper 2 - Killberos (Manhwa)

헬퍼 2 : 킬베로스 (Synonyms)

Indeed it is, Indeed it doesThe leader of the Killberos Tribe Jang Gwangnam unfolds street action comics

Atypical Art Style God/s Godly Powers Partially Colored Web Comic Webtoon